The 15 Best Games Like ‘Age of Empires’

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When it comes to the genre of real-time strategy games, Age of Empires is truly a titan. Ensemble Studios helped set the bar for RTS games back in the late 90s and since then, has stayed true to itself as one of the biggest and best franchises out there. They did that despite taking a 16-year break between their third and fourth main series entries too. Along with the fourth game in 2021, a bunch of extension packs was released last year (2022) for the second and third games so there’s no shortage of content for gamers. If you like what you’ve been playing and want more, or want a break from Age of Empires but want to stay within the genre, we’ve got you covered. Below is a list of the fifteen best games like Age of Empires.

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Games Like 'Age of Empires'

Xbox Game Studios

1. '0 A.D.'


2. 'Age of Mythology: Extended Edition'

Download Now, $29.99

3. 'Bad North'

Download Now, $14.99

4. 'Cities: Skylines'

Buy Now, $27.82

5. 'Command & Conquer: Remastered Edition'

Download Now, $7.99

6. 'Dawn of Man'

Download Now, $24.99

7. 'Empire Earth'

Download Now, $5.99

8. 'Empires Apart'


9. 'Northgard'

Download Now, $29.99

10. 'Rise of Nations: Extended Edition'

Download Now, $19.99

11. 'Sid Meier’s: Civilisation VI'

Download Now, $5.99

12. 'Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds'

Download Now, $5.99

13. 'Stronghold Crusader 2'

Download Now, $3.99

14. 'The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth II'

Download Now, $29.99

15. 'Tropico 6'

Buy Now, $37.99
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