The 12 Best Games Like 'BioShock'

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"Would you kindly?" That single quote gets gamers excited and nostalgic about the shocking moment that took place in one of the most immersive, story-driven FPS games. Director Ken Levine and the rest of the (now defunct) Irrational Games created their magnum opus with BioShock, an unforgettable experience that takes players to the underwater utopia turned dystopia called "Rapture." And during that distressing voyage, players had to contend with disturbed residents changed for the worst thanks to their reliance on a genetic material called "ADAM." Plus players had to make crucial decisions regarding the lives of "Little Sisters" and come to blows with their massive protectors - "Big Daddies." Now if you've played all three of those amazing first-person adventure epics and are looking for games that deliver the same sort of thrills via otherworldly locales and fun gunplay mixed with superpowered abilities, then our list of the 12 best games like BioShock will greatly satisfy you.

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Games Like 'BioShock'

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1. ‘Atomic Heart’

Once you get the general breakdown of Atomic Heart, you'll instantly spot the similarities between it and BioShock. This atmospheric and super trippy takes place in an alternate version of 1955 within the Soviet Union. Due to the screwy launch of a liquidized programmable module called the "Polymer," you're forced to navigate the disrupted hub world of "Facility 3826" and take down your new android opposers as Major Sergei Nechaev aka "P-3." The bizarre premise of this game, plus its first-person combat mechanics strengthened by firearms & powerful abilities granted by the "Polymer Glove" make it the best option for players seeking out the best games like BioShock.

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2. ‘Singularity’

If you missed this sadly ignored FPS that's clearly inspired by BioShock during its launch back in 2010, we get it - it wasn't exactly marketed all that well and it was released under the radar for many. We want to bring more attention to this super slept-on game, though! Here's why you should seek out a copy of Singularity and play it ASAP - it mixes in elements of sci-fi and horror within a shooter that lets you play around with the concept of manipulating time thanks to the "Time Manipulation Device" (TMD). As you wander around the mysterious island of "Katorga-12," you'll put the TMD to great use during fierce combat and environmental puzzle sequences that let you move an object/enemy backward or forwards in time.

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3. ‘Prey’ (2017)

The 2017 re-imagining of the Prey series will blow your mind the longer you dive into it. And that's due to the inclusion of a terrorizing alien force called the "Typhon," which are capable of taking the form of everyday objects and transforming into their black icky forms at the drop of a dime. After the Typhon escape their confinement on the space station "Talos I," you'll take control of Morgan Yu during a grand attempt at escaping your daunting situation by taking the fight to your alien foes. And that's done by blasting them with all manner of melee and ranged weapons, plus special psychokinetic abilities derived from the Typhon themselves.

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4. ‘Dishonored’ (series)

The last game we mentioned comes from the great creatives at Bethesda Softworks and Arkane Studios. Their penchant for high-quality first-person experiences can be seen here once again with the Dishonored franchise. What you're getting here is a series of two games and DLC expansions that incorporate stealth-based mechanics and supernatural powers that turn you into the ultimate assassin/savior of "Dunwall." You'll get sucked into these games as they're simply amazing immersive first-person simulation games that take place within a fantastical setting and let you play around with the unique powers granted to you by the supernatural being known as "The Outsider."

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5. ‘We Happy Few’

We Happy Few is another first-person experience that transports players to a so-called utopia that's bubbling under the surface in the worst way possible. Following an alternate version of a world placed within the post-World War II mid-1960s, you'll need to move carefully traverse around a society addled by a hallucinogenic drug. This drug makes folks oblivious to the true terrors of their surroundings and leaves them easily manipulated to the point where they see your escape attempt from "Wellington Wells" as an affront to their well-being. We Happy Few combines RPG, survival, and light roguelike elements into a mind-bending experience that will make you question life as we know it.

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6. ‘System Shock’ (series)

We can't put together a lineup of the best games like BioShock and not reach back in time to mention one of its most prominent inspirations. And that's the System Shock series, which are iconic PC first-person shooters that stick to sci-fi and horror themes. Both games test your survival skills as you wander through the dark corners of disturbing locales placed in space, which are filled with mutated beings and robotic dangers that want you dead. Seek out System Shock: Enhanced Edition and System Shock 2 so you can embrace the true terror of the rogue artificial intelligence "SHODAN" and see why folks hold this series in such high esteem. Also, make sure you hop into the remake of the first game so you can experience a new and improved version of a bonafide classic.

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7. ‘S.T.A.L.K.E.R.’ (series)

Imagine being trapped in an area inspired by the abandoned Chernobyl Exclusion Zone in Ukraine and having to defend yourself from mutated beings during super tense scavenger hunts. The S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games tap into that scary situation and present them with the perfect amalgamation of first-person shooter, RPG, and survival horror mechanics. Wandering through the "Zone" means you'll have to keep a close eye out for essential goods & ammo, manage your everyday health-related needs, and contend with dangerous diseased humans that want you dead. PC gamers will certainly get their money's worth out of Shadow of Chernobyl, Clear Sky, Call of Pripyat, and the latest series entry Heart of Chornobyl.

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8. ‘Metro’ (series)

Dmitry Glukhovsky's famed novel Metro 2033 got the video game treatment and it ended up being one of the most riveting first-person shooters of all time. And for those of you who desire what that and the other two games in the series deliver, then you'll be treated to three of the finest games like BioShock. Players will start their journey in a post-apocalyptic version of Moscow, Russia, take control of Artyom, and contend with human & mutant foes while trying to uncover the mystery behind the "Dark Ones." Metro: Last Light continues that journey, while Metro Exodus opens the game up even more with a bigger world to explore beyond the "Moscow Metro" hub. If you love the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games, you'll feel right at home with the Metro series.

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9. ‘Deus Ex’ (series)

The Deus Ex series focus on the same elements BioShock is known for - a dystopian setting, complex FPS gameplay mechanics, and a mature plot that touches on thought-provoking topics. Unlike BioShock, the game offered by this franchise takes place within the far-flung future and throws you right in the middle of a war for control of the world between warring factions. Cyberpunk vibes and a strong sense of player choice when it comes to approaching missions & NPC interactions come into focus here. Check out the classic first series entry, Invisible War, Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut, and Mankind Divided.

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10. ‘Fallout: New Vegas’

The people of Fallout: New Vegas live out the rest of their days in a post-apocalyptic hub that consists of the last remnants of Arizona, California, and Nevada. Your place in the world is major since your actions as the revenge-fueled "Courier" will decide who will take full control of New Vegas and the Mojave Wasteland. We decided to place this fan-favorite entry in the Fallout series on this list of the best BioShock games since it'll captivate you with an amazing story, unforgettable characters, and tactical FPS combat powered by the famed "V.A.T.S." (Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System).

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11. ‘Dead Space’ (series)

That sense of foreboding and constant dread you felt while making your way through the twisted worlds of BioShock is fully intact in the Dead Space series. As Issac Clarke, you'll have to put your limb-cutting "Plasma Gun" to great use against some of the most persistent creatures ever featured in a survival horror game. The mutated "Necromorphs" will terrify you through all three mainline Dead Space games and the incredible remake of the first franchise installment. Now we gotta admit - we'd rather not be trapped in either BioShock's Rapture or Dead Space's "USG Ishimura."

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12. ‘The Darkness’ (series)

To wrap up this list of the best BioShock games that need to be on your radar, we're going to point you in the direction of another quality FPS. And what makes this final list entry so recommendable is the fact that it's based on a popular comic book series and shockingly great when you consider the fact that it's a licensed game. The Darkness games follow Jackie Estacado, a former mob enforcer who seeks revenge on his former employers and rival gang members with the powers of an ancient demonic force. You'll tear your foes to shreds with your abilities and blast them to bits across two great games that damn near make you feel unstoppable. And just like BioShock, you'll definitely get sucked into the plot trappings of this underrated series.

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