The 12 Best Games Like 'BioShock'

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"Would you kindly?" That single quote gets gamers excited and nostalgic about the shocking moment that took place in one of the most immersive, story-driven FPS games. Director Ken Levine and the rest of the (now defunct) Irrational Games created their magnum opus with BioShock, an unforgettable experience that takes players to the underwater utopia turned dystopia called "Rapture." And during that distressing voyage, players had to contend with disturbed residents changed for the worst thanks to their reliance on a genetic material called "ADAM." Plus players had to make crucial decisions regarding the lives of "Little Sisters" and come to blows with their massive protectors - "Big Daddies." Now if you've played all three of those amazing first-person adventure epics and are looking for games that deliver the same sort of thrills via otherworldly locales and fun gunplay mixed with superpowered abilities, then our list of the 12 best games like BioShock will greatly satisfy you.

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Games Like 'BioShock'

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1. ‘Atomic Heart’

Buy Now, $69.99

2. ‘Singularity’

Buy Now, $36.99

3. ‘Prey’ (2017)

Buy Now, $14.30

4. ‘Dishonored’ (series)

Buy Now, $39.99

5. ‘We Happy Few’

Buy Now, $16.99

6. ‘System Shock’ (series)

Buy Now, $9.99

7. ‘S.T.A.L.K.E.R.’ (series)

Buy Now, $10

8. ‘Metro’ (series)

Buy Now, $23.58

9. ‘Deus Ex’ (series)

Buy Now, $69.99

10. ‘Fallout: New Vegas’

Buy Now, $18.20

11. ‘Dead Space’ (series)

Buy Now, $62.95

12. ‘The Darkness’ (series)

Buy Now, $11.17

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