The 16 Best Games Like 'Fortnite' You Need To Play

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Time flies. It's hard to believe that Fortnite has been out for nearly five years now. In the summer of 2017, many parts of the gaming world changed forever. Epic Games' gem wasn’t the first battle royale game, but it did greatly popularise the genre, force games to consider making themselves free as a base, and introduce battle passes to us. For better or worse, it's been incredibly impactful in the gaming world. We’re currently in Chapter 3, Season 3 right now and the game continues to keep fans loyal despite some doubts in its early years. If you’re a fan of the game and want something just like it, or want a break from it but want to fill the same hole in your life, we’re here for you. Below is a list of 16 games like Fortnite.

Games Like 'Fortnite'

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1. 'Among Us'

Despite getting popular during the pandemic, Among Us actually came out in June of 2018. If the party aspect of Fortnite and its squad battles is what you like the most, then this is worth giving a try, if you somehow haven’t already. The concept is that you and most other players are crewmates on a ship, while a couple of you are imposters, simply posing as crewmates with the true intention of killing everyone. It makes for fun conversations between rounds. The game has only been enhanced with the (somewhat) recent addition of additional roles, like the imposter being able to shapeshift into other players and innocent crewmates being able to vent. When it comes to games like Fortnite, Among Us stands out thanks to its fun spin on the competitive/co-op multiplayer formula.

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2. 'Apex Legends'

Developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by EA, Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale hero shooter that came out on top when it felt like there was a new battle royale dropping every week a few years ago. There are over 20 characters to pick from, all with their own unique set of abilities that add different angles and ideas to each game. As well as the standard battle royale modes, there’s an Arenas game mode that fans of Fortnite’s own Arena mode. For those looking for games like Fortnite that scratch that first-person shooter itch, Apex Legends is definitely the one.


3. 'Call of Duty: Warzone'

Most players miss Verdansk, but Warzone is still one of the most popular games to play. Just like Fortnite, it’s free-to-play and is a battle royale where you fight it out with a lobby of dozens of other players to see who comes out on top. As much as people can complain about it, it’s definitely at least worth a play for Fortnite fans. Warzone 2 is expected to be out by the end of the year, around when Modern Warfare II drops, which should give the game another surge in popularity.


4. 'Darwin Project'

The first thing that you’ll notice about the Darwin Project is that its art style is strikingly similar to Fortnite’s. That’s not a coincidence. Released a few weeks into 2020, the game is definitely influenced by Fortnite a lot. Its concept is similar, but not quite the same. In a game here, you’re dropped into a match with nine other players where you’re initially armed with just an ax and a bow and arrows. There is an eleventh player that dictates the game here. The winner is whoever survives until the end.


5. 'Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout'

This game got incredibly popular when it dropped in the summer of 2020, then lost a lot of its hype almost as quickly, largely due to a lack of updates. Now that big updates have come through and the game has been made entirely free-to-play by its new owner Epic Games, it’s back at the front of people’s minds again. It’s a battle royale that sees you competing with a few dozen players, trying to qualify for each round of a game show. Maps are fun and just like Fortnite, you can team up with 3 friends too. The fun art style is reminiscent of Fortnite too. As far as games like Fortnite are concerned, Fall Guys' party mode setup gives off more whimsical battle royale vibes.


6. 'Halo Infinite'

Released last year, Halo Infinite is the most recent main entry in the Halo series. As of yet, there’s no battle royale mode to play here, but that’s expected in the somewhat near future. For now though, you can experience a worthy addition to one of the most respected and successful game franchises of all time, for free. The multiplayer requires no money and sees you and up to 23 others in various modes. If you do like the style of gameplay and don’t mind paying for the campaign, that’s worth playing too.


7. 'Minecraft'

Though it might surprise you, Minecraft and Fortnite share a good amount of similarities. They both feature fun, colorful graphics and involve you playing with a bunch of friends. Although the styles are fairly different, both games also feature building and you have to fight for your life too. If you want that real dose of Fortnite, have a look at what mods involve that game's signature gameplay mechanics.

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8. 'Overwatch'

Developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment, Overwatch is a first-person hero shooter, so there’s a big difference there to hardcore Fortnite players. If you’re willing to look over that though, then the game is very rewarding. There’s no battle royale mode here - instead, this FPS embraces 6v6 objective-based game modes. There are a few dozen characters to choose from, each falling into one of four different classes. Just like Fortnite, you can play casually or play Ranked modes for a little more of a challenge.

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9. 'PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds'

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, better known as PUBG, is another game that was somewhat early in the wave of battle royales a few years ago. It came out within months of Fortnite and was the pick for people who preferred a more serious art style. Instead of landing and picking up various guns that can be common, legendary, or exotic, in PUBG, you must gather attachments yourself, a mechanic which Apex Legends adopted as well. What’s great here is you can switch between first-person and third-person viewpoints. PUBG practically inspired Fortnite's winning formula, which makes it one of the most recognizable games like Fortnite.


10. 'Realm Royale'

Realm Royale feels a lot like Fortnite, but with some unique elements added. It features medieval fantasy themes, plus as well as a range of guns, you can also kill enemies with swords and staffs. You must also pick characters from one of five classes here: a mage, hunter, assassin, engineer, or warrior. The game doesn’t take itself too seriously, even less so than Fortnite, so it’s an especially great option for kids to pick up.


11. 'Ring of Elysium'

If you like the seriousness of an aforementioned game like PUBG but also the goofiness of a game like Realm Royale, then perhaps Ring of Elysium is for you. It does a good job at blending both worlds, even with its art style. New elements here that might interest you are character creation and a map that includes active avalanches and volcanoes, plus a wide range of vehicles to use as transportation from one point of the map to another.


12. 'Roblox'

While Roblox is referred to as a game, it’s really just a massive platform for other games and events to be created. With that being said, there are a bunch of games within the Roblox world that fans of Fortnite will be able to enjoy. These include "Strucid," "Prison Royale," and "Jailbreak." These all feature fun, cartoony maps and characters that you’ll enjoy being a part of. If you like those, you can even branch out and play other games that Roblox has to offer, like its Squid Game-esque mode that popularised it. There's pretty much a generous array of games like Fortnite to enjoy within the always-expanding Roblox ecosystem.


13. 'Sea of Thieves'

Sea of Thieves doesn’t boast a battle royale mode or much close to it, but its general elements certainly might appeal to fans of Fortnite. The graphics are fun and it’s an action-adventure game. The game is set in a shared world, so that means that you and your friends can come across other players and decide to fight them or add them to your own journey. There's also a battle pass here, which was adopted by Rare about a year and a half ago.

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14. 'Totally Accurate Battlegrounds'

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds, as the name implies, is basically a parody of the entire battle royale genre. That isn’t to say that it’s making a joke of the genre and people that enjoy it, rather it exaggerates all of the generic tropes of those games. The game doesn’t take itself at all seriously, with players hobbling around like jelly and graphics leaving something to be desired. With that being said, if you love Fortnite but wouldn’t mind a little break from it, this is a must-try.


15. 'Worms Rumble'

Worms games that are turn-based have been around for a long time, but Worms Rumble is a deviation from that concept. In modes like Last Worm Standing and Death Match, you traverse the 2.5D world with unique weapons with which you kill other players in order to win. Don’t be turned off if you didn’t like other Worms games from the past couple of decades, this game only uses the art style and characters and tries something new, with good success.

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16. 'Z1 Battle Royale'

Formerly known as H1Z1, Z1 Battle Royale is the game that is mostly credited for kicking off the wave of battle royales that Fortnite eventually ran with. It is developed and published by Daybreak Game Company and though it might feel like a copy of Fortnite with its concept, it did come many months before it. You and up to 99 other players drop onto a map to gather weapons to survive and kill and a toxic gas which slowly closes in forces combat. Of course, the main difference here is that there’s no building.

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