16 Great Roguelike Games Like ‘Hades’

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The "roguelike" genre has some key elements that make it stand out and even then, hardcore fans continue to debate what makes a roguelike a roguelike at all. Typically, these games feature extensive dungeon crawling, grid-based movement, and turn-based gameplay, and dying means having to restart from the beginning again, a.k.a. "permadeath." Games that live in this world with one foot in another are often referred to as "roguelite," but this is shunned by some who feel that it’s all roguelike regardless. If you hail from both sub-genres camps, then you're probably on the lookout for games like Hades.

Whatever you think about the makings of the genre, it’s tough to argue that Supergiant Games’ Hades didn’t have an incredible impact. It was released in early access in 2018 and officially for a bunch of platforms in the summer of 2021. The game received critical acclaim beyond belief, winning several awards and introducing many to the genre in the process.

If you’re a new fan yourself, below is a list of 16 great roguelike games like Hades for you to check out.

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Games Like 'Hades'

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1. 'Bastion'

Before they released Hades, Supergiant Games’ first project was a game called Bastion, which came out in 2011. This game is another giant success from the indie developer and is credited with helping shape the future of the roguelike genre. The deeper The Kid gets, the more difficult the challenge becomes, bringing you back to a very early checkpoint when you die.

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2. 'Crypt Of The NecroDancer'

Developed and published by Canadian indie studio Brace Yourself Games, Crypt Of The NecroDancer is a roguelike game that focuses on rhythm, a unique twist on the genre. It essentially has all of the makings of a standard roguelike, but your character is rewarded for moving to the beat and you’ll be impaired for not doing so. It’s an interesting concept that was executed very well.

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3. 'Curse Of The Dead Gods'

Curse Of The Dead Gods is a great one to try if what you loved most about Hades are some of the mythological aspects. It combines that with challenging gameplay in the form of spike pits and fire traps. Throughout the playthrough, different curses function as gameplay modifiers, keeping things fresh.

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4. 'Dandy Ace'

An illusionist named Lele has imprisoned your character inside a cursed mirror and you must seek revenge for this. Dandy Ace’s multiple runs see different environments and different things to unlock to further change playthroughs. Once the wacky world of this game draws you in, it’s a treat.

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5. 'Darkest Dungeon'

If what you seek most in your roguelike games is a challenge, then Darkest Dungeon is right for you. The game is unforgiving. You can invest a bunch of time into your character to win fights only for them to a disease.

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6. 'Dead Cells'

The description for Dead Cells reads “no checkpoints. Kill, die, learn, repeat.” Like Hades and many of the best roguelike games, leaving midgame means starting from the beginning on your next run. The game is often called a "roguevania" due to the influence of the "Metroidvania" subgenre so if that appeals to you, this is a must-try.

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7. 'Dreamscaper'

Here, you play Cassidy, a woman who deals with her nightmares directly by diving into her subconscious, hence the name Dreamscaper. The lucidity she experiences there means she has powers and the art style reflects the storyline. It’s definitely a great game to look at and play for hours.

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8. 'Enter The Gungeon'

This is a great next step from Hades because it not only offers a harder yet more rewarding challenge but keeps the fun. The game puts a focus on combat, specifically gunplay, and when things get chaotic is when things really get good. In the beginning, you choose from one of four characters, each of which has a different skill set that can help you.

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9. 'Gunfire Reborn'

Like a Dark Souls game, Gunfire Reborn is notorious for being difficult. It’s actually a first-person shooter, which is somewhat rare for a roguelike, making it a welcome addition here. You can go it alone or play with up to three friends, which always makes the adventure that much better. The loot and levels here are procedurally generated, a key feature of roguelikes, but contrarily, there are checkpoints here.

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10. 'Pyre'

Next up is another game that’s made by Supergiant Games, the same developer as Hades. We’re bending the rules a little for this game here because technically it’s considered an action RPG, but fans of Hades will certainly be able to appreciate it. You play as a leader who must participate in the Rites, an ancient sports competition.

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11. 'Rogue Legacy'

For a great combination of hack-and-slash elements with magical elements, try out Rogue Legacy, a game that prides itself on giving the gamer a unique experience on different playthroughs. It does this with procedurally generated dungeons, plus a great mechanic which, when you die, lets you pick between a bunch of your own offspring with various abilities to keep things fresh. Be sure to give this one a spin, then take a deep dive into the equally amazing sequel.

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12. 'Slay The Spire'

Slay The Spire was fairly bold in making a game that fits into the roguelike genre and is a deck-building game at the same time, but it executed this well.

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13. 'Transistor'

Like Pyre, Transistor is more of an action RPG, but since it was made by Supergiant, it’s a safe bet that fans of Hades will like it. It’s an isometric game that sees you wield a powerful sword against the enemies, The Process. You’ll come for the Hades similarities and stay for the combat, soundtrack, and art style.

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14. 'UnderMine'

For a great sense of progression during each playthrough, UnderMine is a great option. It has an RPG-like progression system that will have you excited to upgrade yourself before another run.

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15. 'Unexplored'

Unexplored markets itself as a rougelite that feels like a roguelike and that’s a great description because it’s hard to tell the difference. There are permadeath mechanics, dungeons, and puzzles to solve.

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16. 'Wizard Of Legend'

Last but not least is Wizard Of Legend where your skills are tested against various wizards in the Chaos Trials. Each death does bring you back to the start of the game, but you’re allowed to keep some of your powers so that each run gets easier and stays fun.

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