The 22 Best Games Like ‘Terraria’

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Despite being first released in 2011, Terraria continues to be incredibly popular across its many platforms. The game is an action-adventure sandbox game developed by Re-Logic and it kinda lets you do whatever the heck you want. You can explore, gather resources, craft, build, fight, and a whole lot more in a procedurally generated 2D world. You might think that this makes it easy to find a game that does at least one of these things, but the real beauty is finding something that does everything together really well and ideally with a similar tone. Games like Terraria are far and few between but luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of nearly two dozen. Check it out below.

Games Like 'Terraria'

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505 Games

1. 'Alchemage'

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2. 'ARK: Survival Evolved'

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4. 'Craft The World'

Buy Now, $18.99

5. 'Crea'

Buy Now, $14.99

6. 'Dig Or Die'

Buy Now, $11.99

7. 'Don’t Starve'

Buy Now, $9.99

8. 'Dragon Quest Builders 2'

Buy Now, $49.99

9. 'Factorio'

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10. 'Forager'

Buy Now, $19.99

11. 'Grounded'

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12. 'Growtopia'

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13. 'Hollow Knight'

Buy Now, $14.99

14. 'It Lurks Below'

Buy Now, $19.99

15. 'Minecraft'

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16. 'Oxygen Not Included'

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17. 'Planet Centauri'

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18. 'Raft'

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19. 'Rust'

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20. 'Scrapnaut'

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21. 'Starbound'

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22. 'Stardew Valley'

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