11 Games Like 'Life Is Strange'

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When Life is Strange first hit markets in 2015 players didn’t exactly know what to make of it. The combination of the graphics and the story taking precedence over gameplay, Life is Strange was a gamble for the developers at Dontnod Entertainment. The gamble paid off. Players took to the quaint title despite it being so different from other games on the market at the time. 

There have been several story-centric games since then few could mimic Life is Strange’s success. The following are games that have managed to come close.

11. 'Detroit Become Human'

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10. 'The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit'

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9. 'Life is Strange 2'

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8. 'Heavy Rain'

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7. 'Beyond Two Souls'

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6. 'Tell Me Why'

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5. 'The Walking Dead'

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4. 'Gone Home'

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3. 'The Wolf Among Us'

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2. 'Vampyr'

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1. 'Until Dawn'

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