The 25 Best Games That'll Stoke Your Creative Fire Like 'Roblox'

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Roblox has taken the world by storm in recent years. Despite all the hype, sometimes it’s nice to explore other options out there. While Roblox has garnered a huge community, there are still tons of other great games out there that you can play to team up with friends, make your own levels and games, and just chill with the community.

That’s why we’ve put together this handy list of 25 games like Roblox. Below you’ll find games that borrow similar ideas from Roblox, as well as games that lean more into the creative worlds that you and your friends want to play.

1. 'Minecraft'

If you’ve ever played any creative games, then you’ve no doubt heard of Minecraft. As one of the OGs of creative world-building, Minecraft continues to evolve and grow. It’s easily moddable, and the modding community has created thousands of different worlds, game modes, and challenges for you and your friends to take part in. What’s more, you can even jump into a world and create your own challenges, machines, and other delightful inventions.

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2. 'Terasology'

If you’re looking for a Minecraft-like game that has a bit more in common with Roblox, or if you just want another free-to-play game full of creative freedom, then look no further than Terasology. This game is completely open-source, which means you can easily jump in and start messing around with it. It’s probably a bit more difficult to code for than Roblox is, but if you want to create your own types of modes and everything, there’s plenty of freedom waiting for you here.

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3. 'CastleMiner Z'

What if Minecraft and Roblox had a weird baby full of horror tropes? That must be the question the developers asked before creating CastleMiner Z. This game was released well over ten years ago, but it continues to offer complete freedom for players that want to experience a voxel-based horror world with a ton of creative freedom. Just maybe don’t play with the lights off.

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4. 'Garry's Mod'

Few games have had the staying power of Garry’s Mod. Originally built as a mod for Half-Life 2, the title took on a mind of its own. Roleplay communities, community games, and an assortment of other server types began to spring up, giving birth to one of the biggest community experiences you can find on the internet. You will need a few other games to take full advantage of this experience, but it’s one worth looking into if you want full creative freedom to make your own worlds, levels, and game types.

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5. 'Trove'

What if the blocky world of Minecraft was more like a fantasy MMO? That’s the basic premise behind Trove, a voxel-based game that was released in 2015. This game has a bit more of a linear approach to things than a lot of the other games on this list, but it’s still a great game for people who love the blocky, weird gameplay and style of Roblox and other games like it. It’s also completely free to play, which makes it another huge boon for many.

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6. 'Lego Worlds'

If you’ve ever looked at a box of Legos and wanted to create your own living, thriving world, then Lego Worlds is a game you should check out. The title features the iconic Lego blocks that millions have come to know and love, but also gives you a ton of creative freedom to approach it with. You can build massive creations, customize your character, and take part in a ton of other fun adventures throughout this Lego-made world.

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7. 'Creativerse'

Looking for a deep free-to-play game that gives you access to an endless world and an expansive online community? Creativerse is exactly that! Start out a private world that’s fresh for adventure, and then build up with everything that you can. Mine, fight, collect and build the grandest creations you can dream of. And, if you want, make blueprints of your work so that you can easily share it with others.

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8. 'Rising World'

Step into a new voxel-based world of endless horizons and randomly generated lands. Rising World is currently undergoing a huge update, but the game has been around for a number of years. It’s very much a blend of Minecraft and 7 Days to Die, but it gives you an insane amount of creative freedom to build and explore however you want. You won’t find the coding aspect of Roblox here, but if you want to dig deep, collect resources, and build giant landmarks, Rising World has a ton of content to offer.

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9. 'Terraria'

Releasing at a time when Minecraft was the biggest game around, Terraria took the survival, blocky, adventure formula and turned it on its side… literally! This 2D sidescroller is chock full of ridiculous enemies and expansive worlds to explore. Dig deep into the depths of “hell” to fight the Wall of Flesh, or take to the floating islands that fill the sky to build a massive fortress in the sky. All while gathering resources, befriending various NPCs, and taking on game-changing world bosses!

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10. 'KoGaMa'

KoGaMa is more like Roblox than a lot of games on our list, and that’s a great thing. It’s perfectly built to be alluring to Roblox players, all while giving them new content and a new community to take part in. If you’re a big fan of the Roblox formula, but want to experience it from a different angle, then KoGaMa is a good place to start.

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11. 'Boundless'

This free-to-play MMO comes with a lot of freedom to spark your creative genius, and, because it’s available on so many different platforms, it’s probably going to be one of the most alluring options out there. Fight enemies, collect resources, and literally sculpt your world to be exactly what you want it to be, all without ever having to pay a single penny of real-life money.

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12. 'Animal Jam'

Much-like Roblox, Animal Jam is more geared toward children than adults. As such, this online game takes safety extremely seriously. Players can create their own little pet pal and then play with it across an assortment of different minigames and game modes. It’s a fun little game that’s completely free-to-play. And, because the developers aim to make a safe environment, it’s perfect for people who are worried about the safety of their kids while playing Roblox.

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13. 'Wurm Unlimited'

Wurm Unlimited isn’t the prettiest game to look at, but if you’re looking for a Roblox-like game that gives players complete control of its world, then look no further. This MMO is one of the pioneers of player-driven worlds, and you can literally shape the world, build shapes, and design your villages level by level. It’s a delightfully deep experience for anyone that loves the creativeness of Roblox but wants something a little less blocky to look at.

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14. 'Fortnite'

You might be surprised to see Fortnite on this list, and while the Epic Games hit is most well known for its battle royale mode, there’s also a really deep creative mode that players can dive into. The creative mode gives players complete freedom of how they want their levels to look, allowing them to design a plethora of minigames and experiences for other players to jump in and try. Plus, the community is easily one of the biggest in gaming at the moment.

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15. 'Unturned'

This free-to-play zombie survival game is extremely reminiscent of the blocky world that makes up many Roblox levels. The enemies, the weapons, all of it feels like it would fit perfectly as a game within the Roblox world. But, it isn’t a Roblox title. Instead, this standalone free-to-play zombie adventure was developed by a single developer. It’s his first real title, and he continues to offer new updates and patches for the game.

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16. 'Cubic Castles'

Step into the world of Cubic Castles, a delightfully cute game that elicits constant reminders of the creative freedom that makes Roblox so enticing for many. Build your own world, design levels, minigames, and more as you take part in various experiences across the title. It’s also available on mobile phones, like Android and iOS, making it extremely easy for most people to get into.

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17. 'The Blockheads'

If you love Minecraft, but want something a bit more old-school and more reminiscent of Roblox, then check out The Blockheads. This 2D sidescroller has a lot of heart, and it’s available on mobile devices, which makes it easy to download and take anywhere you go. The game has a ton of freedom to create and build your world the way you want it to be, making it a great option for those days you don’t feel like booting up Roblox.

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18. 'Algodoo'

If you like the creative freedom that Roblox gives you, but want a game with a bit more educational value, then Algodoo could be another great option. This game gives you tons of tools to make as many physics-based puzzles and game modes as you want. As we said, it’s a bit more educational than the other options on our list, but that might make it extremely enticing for parents looking to help their kids learn while also having fun.

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19. 'Blockland'

Welcome to Blockland, a weird mix between Minecraft, Roblox, and Legos. This delightful little title is full of expansive worlds to build with and explore. Because it’s a sandbox game with no end goals, you can do just about anything you want to do, from building a small, country home, to erecting massive statues in your own image. If you’re looking for something fresh and filled with creative freedom, then download Blockland and give it a whirl!

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20. 'Growtopia'

Create a unique character and then start building whatever you want. Available on mobile devices, Growtopia lets players take complete control of what they want to do. You can build castles, spaceships, skyscrapers, puzzles, or even relive your favorite movie scenes. The creative power you have here is almost limitless, so make the most of it!

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21. 'Blocksworld'

In Blocksworld, players can build anything they can dream of. From massive robots that run around, to huge assembly lines filled with obstacles you need to avoid. If you can dream it up, you can build up. The game has been around for a number of years now, and it’s also available on mobile platforms, making it easy for you to play on the go, whenever you have some free time.

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22. '8BitMMO'

Love the freedom that Roblox gives you, but the style of old-school 8bit games? 8BitMMO is a great game worth checking out then! This little gem puts players into a massive world where they can build, create, and just generally do whatever they want. The big kicker, though, is that everything is rendered like the games of yesterday, in a bright and colorful 8-bit design. It’s a heck of an experience. and one that old-school gamers will enjoy releasing their creative freedom within.

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23. 'Minetest'

Part of what makes Roblox so alluring to so many is the sheer amount of freedom that players are given. In Minetest, you’re also given a similar amount of freedom. Create your own worlds, levels, and challenges, or download and play challenges created by other players. This open-source voxel sandbox has a ton of potential, plus it has that blocky look that everyone loves about classics like Roblox and Minecraft.

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24. 'World to Build'

World to Build is yet another Minecraft and Roblox-inspired sandbox. Take part in various “worlds” like egg hunts, treasure maps, and battle royale games, or create your own worlds to share with the rest of the community. World to Build is currently still in alpha, but the developers look to be releasing new content and supporting the community as best they can. Check it out if you’re looking for a blocky, Roblox-like experience without having to deal with the Roblox community.

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25. 'Novetus'

If you love Roblox but want to take a leap back in time to how the game community used to be, then Novetus is a perfect alternative. It was made to improve on the discontinued RBXLegacy and included a slew of new features to help make it feel great. It also lets you run LAN and internet servers, so you can always team up with your friends and others. It’s less of an alternative to Roblox, and more of a different way to experience the original game as it used to be.

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