Roblox, the $30 Billion Indie Game Market, is Set to IPO Today

roblox mobile
Roblox Corporation

Let us remind you of a familiar scenario that you’ve probably been in countless times - you’re waiting for your flight. While you’re silently getting lit to your embarrassingly ratchet playlist or listening to your latest audiobook, you’re taking in all the sights around you. The one thing that sticks out to you is how most of the kids in your vicinity are neck-deep into their tablet and haven’t looked up for the past 30 minutes. Your curiosity peaks as you start to wonder about what exactly is grabbing all those kids’ attention.

The most likely reason for their laser-like focus is a super addictive game called Roblox. Since debuting on PC back in 2006, the online gaming platform and game creation system has exploded in popularity among the younger crowd. Marketing blog Backlinko delved into the game’s usage statistics and came away with some astounding numbers - the game currently has 36.2 million daily active users, seven million developers, 5.7 million concurrent users, and over 18 million games created thus far.

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