14 Games Like 'Sea of Thieves'

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Sea of Thieves entered early access at a time when online PVP was experiencing a bit of a renaissance thanks to games like Fortnite. But instead of dropping players on a map, Sea of Thieves put players on the high seas, giving them command of entire vessels. Throughout its beta Sea of Thieves garnered a huge player base thanks to many at the time believing it was one of the few games that gave players the chance to helm their own vessels. Of course, there are a number of games that give you a similar experience. The following are the 14 games most like Sea of Thieves.

14. 'The Secret of Monkey Island'

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13. 'Elite Dangerous'

Buy Here, $29.99

12. 'Beyond Blue'

Buy Here, $19.99

11. Windbound

Buy Here, $29.99

10. 'Subnautica'

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9. 'Sid Meier’s Pirates Gold Plus'

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8. 'Skull and Bones'

7. 'Assassin’s Creed Black Flag'

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6. 'Raft'

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5. 'New World'

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4. 'Naval Action'

3. 'Legend of Zelda Windwaker'

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2. 'Blackwake'

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1. 'Atlas'

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