12 Games Like 'No Man's Sky' For You to Play Right Now

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Hello Games

Today, No Man’s Sky is considered one of the major space simulation games, but the road it took to get to its current position was a bit bumpy, to say the least. First released in 2016 to unbelievable levels of hype, interest in the game plateaued among accusations of the game being a mile wide but an inch deep. 

It took several months, but the developers at Hello Games made numerous quality of life improvements that transformed No Man’s Sky into a solid contender in an increasingly crowded market. The following are other games that could go toe-to-toe with No Man’s Sky.

12. 'Satisfactory'

Buy Here, $29.99

11. 'Everspace 2'

Buy Here, $35.99

10. 'Avorion'

Buy Here, $24.99

9. 'Pulsar Lost Colony'

Buy Here, $24.99

8. 'Kerbal Space Program'

Buy Here, $39.99

7. 'Eve Online'

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6. 'X4: Foundations'

Buy Here, $49.99

5. 'Space Engineers'

4. 'Astroneer'

Buy Here, $29.99

3. 'Stellaris'

Buy Here, $9.99

2. 'Empyrion'

Buy Here, $19.99

1. 'Elite Dangerous'

Buy Here, $29.99
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