'Hogwarts Legacy': Release Date, Platforms, and More

Warner Bros. Games

Ever since the fictional novels skyrocketed to immense fame, Harry Potter fanatics have had to deal with some pretty mediocre gaming fodder. While there have been some decent playable forays into the "Wizarding World" through LEGO-themed adventures, the rest of the games that follow Harry, Ron, and Hermione's magical journeys at Hogwarts have been average at best. It's clear that Warner Bros. Games finally wants to fulfill the ultimate dream scenario for the Harry Potter faithful. And that dream is living out life as a Hogwarts student and getting caught up in all the pageantry & magical mysteries that position entails. Before you hop on your broom and take to the skies, allow us to break down every vital facet related to Hogwarts Legacy.

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'Hogwarts Legacy' Release Date and Platforms

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Warner Bros. Games

Hogwarts Legacy is set for launch on February 7 (Deluxe Edition) and February 10 (Standard Edition) for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC - Steam. PS4 and Xbox One owners can get their hands on the game on April 4, while Nintendo Switch owners can get the game on July 25.

Story and Characters

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