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On this week’s episode of Inside the Screen, ONE37pm’s Aaron aka Don speaks with the social media intern at SoaR Gaming and General Manager for Motional, Toby Lewis.  SoaR Gaming is one of the world's biggest gaming organizations, and they have built a solid foundation in the eSports and YouTube stages. Currently, they participate in gaming tournaments worldwide and make videos on YouTube that reach audiences all over. 

As for Motional, it is a Social media management and production company specializing in managing YouTube, Tiktok, and Instagram accounts within the Esports industry.

He also has a background in social media management with a wide range of skills ranging from graphic design to digital marketing and post-production.

Europe is the current hub for eSports, but with Lewis interested in relocating to either Texas, Atlanta, or Los Angeles, it is clear the industry is expanding into other markets. Don asked him if he could see Dallas being the next hub for the industry in the States.

“Yeah, I do think that, especially with the content creators. I have a lot of content creators from Texas blow up. So, I definitely see it being a hub for Esports in the future.”

Make sure you follow Toby Lewis’ journey on Instagram and Twitter.

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