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Get to Know KarimCheese, the Boston-Based Streamer That's Doing It Big


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"Welcome to the dojo."

That phrase is tied to one of the most chill personalities in the game-streaming spectrum. The hardcore gamer we're alluding to is none other than "KarimCheese," an officially partnered Twitch streamer whose community reach is getting wider and whose career is constantly expanding.

Karim—this week's guest on Inside the Screen, hosted by Aaron "Don" Dukes—has already done some major things within the confines of his streaming career. He's also partnered with plenty of other notable tech/gaming peripheral companies such as Logitech G, Gamer Advantage, Blue Microphone, AMD Gaming and Herman Miller. And to top it all off, his face was plastered on a billboard in Times Square during Twitch's celebration of Black History Month.

When the cameras are on, Karim keeps his "Dojo Fam" entertained thanks to the nice variety of games he regularly has in rotation. He's dabbled in a bunch of titles, such as Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales, God of War (2018), FIFA 22, Halo Infinite, etc. But Karim's biggest claim to gaming fame is Apex Legends, which is the sort of game he's better at than most. His slick first-person shooter skills came into play on a professional level when he competed in the 2021 Twitch Rivals - NA Showdown for the game. Alongside fellow streamers Vinc3ntvega and FunFPS, Karim nabbed 18th place under the moniker "Team KarimCheese." It's always worth tuning in to watch Karim put in that work when he hops on the sticks for Apex Legends.

Karim is a great representative of the ever-growing POC space among Twitch streamers as a whole. His huge sense of humility, super-chill demeanor, and lovable affection for all things anime and futbol will instantly make you an avid follower after just one viewing. With 17K+ Twitch, 8K+ Twitter and 52K+ TikTok followers on deck and counting, Karim's fanbase is getting bigger by the day. We can't wait to see where his streaming career takes him next.