Everything We Know So Far About the KFConsole

There's a new console in town.

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In my many years of being around gamers, I have noticed one thing—gamers don’t eat enough, or they tend to eat at random times and struggle to eat consistently. If not constantly reminded, a gamer could literally go the whole day without having a meal, and it is easy to understand why. After all, who has the time to think about eating when you are in the middle of an intense five hour Call of Duty battle? Likewise, are you really in the mood for a meal if you are frustrated with the game and things aren’t going your way? The answer to that is probably a resounding no, and we totally get it. That said, it is still essential for gamers to take care of themselves. You need a certain amount of strength and mental fortitude to be able to have success with whatever game you are playing, and you can’t do that if you lack energy. KFC is looking to fix that problem with the KFConsole.

Since the KFConsole is the first of its kind, you may have some questions about exactly how this works, so we are here to help you. While not many details have been released yet, we know that the console is a gaming system with a built-in chicken chamber. Additional features include Asus-powered graphics, insane speed, VR gaming capabilities, 240fps gaming at 4K resolution for certain video games, and much more. At the moment, we still don’t know have an exact release date or any information on the price and general availability. We also aren’t clear on which specific games will be made available for the console, but we assume that information will be released soon.

The KFConsole is also very convenient in the sense that you don’t have to actually leave the room to get your chicken—you could grab a couple of pieces without ever taking your eyes off the game. Plus, chicken is a relatively easy meal to eat. You don’t have to use any silverware, and if you are a skilled enough gamer (which most of you are), you can eat your chicken one-handed.

As we inch closer to the release date, we can expect a fury of more details. The idea of a chicken warming game system might be a unique concept to some, but we may not ever see anything quite like this again. Gamers can definitely make good use of it, which could potentially be a collectors’ item down the road if you are into that scene.

Whatever the case, we will keep you posted on all the latest announcements regarding the KFConsole.

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