Everything You Need to Know About 'Marvel's Midnight Suns'

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Superhero team-ups are a constant occurrence at this point. And to be quite honest, we're still not tired of them yet. In the real world, there's a partnership going down that we never even expected to see - Marvel Comics and Firaxis Games. The dark mythical side of the Marvel Universe is being put into the spotlight as the developers behind the XCOM games introduced in the 2010s are releasing a new tactical RPG called Marvel's Midnight Suns. Before you attempt to save the world from Lilith, Mother of Demons, and her dark demonic forces, let's bring you up to speed on everything there is to know about this turn-based Marvel gaming experience.

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Release Date and Playable Platforms

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On December 2, 2022, Marvel's Midnight Suns launches on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC - Steam.


Hydra's Doctor Faustus manages to do the unthinkable by mixing in dark magic and scientific methods to wake up Lilith from her eternal slumber. This newfound evil alliance leads to the fabric of magic becoming broken, which then leads to the world falling under a cloud of darkness. An original character referred to as "The Hunter" (who can be customized to be either male or female) rises up with an alliance of fellow superheroes to take down Lilith and her supernatural forces, which happens to include brainwashed versions of Marvel characters such as Venom and The Hulk. Lilith's ultimate goal is to fulfill an ancient prophecy by reviving her overlord master, Chthon.

Season Pass

The Season Pass for Marvel's Midnight Suns, which is obtainable as a part of the game's "Legendary Edition" and for individual purchase, will add four more playable characters over time. Those Marvel characters include Deadpool, Venom, Morbius, and Storm. The Season Pass will also grant players access to new story missions, an upgrade to the main base of operations, more skins/outfits, and access to the "Legendary Premium Pack." The skins that'll be included in that pack include Blade's "Blade 1602" skin, Captain America's "Future Soldier" skin, Iron Man's "Iron Knight" skin, Spider-Man's "Demon Spider" skin, etc.


Marvel's Midnight Suns utilizes a turn-based tactical RPG battle system comparable to the ones featured in the XCOM series. Three characters at a time can be called upon during each enemy encounter. Each character in your party relies upon randomized cards tied to activating their abilities, such as offensive and defensive options that affect your enemies, party members, and the environment itself. The Hunter, in particular, will be able to call upon more than 30 different skills. Outside of battle, players can use The Hunter to move around their base of operations called "The Abbey." While there, you can upgrade different areas of the facility and strike up conversations with all your different team members that alter your developing relationships with them.

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