Elton's 'MultiVersus' Roster Wishlist

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Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

By the looks and sounds of it, MultiVersus is the truth! Development studio Player First Games has been hard at work on this upcoming platform fighter and it shows - the game's impactful combat, hilarious & clever nods to each character's source material, and the astonishing usage of familiar faces from Warner Bros. IPs are clear signs of that sentiment. Minds will forever be blown by the fact that there's a new Super Smash Bros.-like brawler in town that teams up Batman with Shaggy against Arya Stark and Bugs Bunny. After looking at the vast collection of properties WB houses and the many characters connected to them all, I've come up with a list of additional characters that fill out the entirety of my MultiVersus roster wishlist.

1. Marceline the Vampire Queen ('Adventure Time')

Cartoon Network

Adventure Time's resident vampire queen just has to join her buddies Fine and Jake in this all-star brawler! She's another one of the most adored characters from the show, so it'd be downright blasphemy if she got left out of all the MultiVersus fun. Marceline and her massive electric bass guitar/battle-ax are definitely battle-ready and fully prepared to do some big damage with vicious swings from it. Maybe the devs behind this fighter could implement some sort of mechanic where she consumes the color red from her special moves in order to boost her strength.

2. Green Lantern (DC Comics)

DC Comics

The DC Universe has a large multitude of other characters that can be lifted right from the pages of the comics and placed into the madness of MultiVersus. Right from the jump, I have to make a request for DC's "Emerald Knight" to make the game's roster. I loved using him in the Injustice games since he could produce all sorts of weaponized constructs with his trusty Green Lantern ring. I'd love to see that same playstyle implemented within this game and I'd especially love it if we got Hal Jordan & John Stewart as selectable skins.

3. Static Shock (DC Comics)

static shock
DC Comics

So I grew up watching a ton of WB cartoons back in the day that catered to my taste in superheroes. And one of the animated DC adaptations I appreciated the most was the one dedicated to one of the best Black superheroes of all time. For old heads like me that feel the exact same way, Static Shock would be such a dope addition to the MultiVersus roster. The young lighting-powered king would be a mid-air menace with his flight-based abilities and definitely be a threat thanks to the rest of his arsenal.

4. Poison Ivy (DC Comics)

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DC Comics

For the next DC Comics pick on my MultiVersus roster wishlist, I gotta give this next pick to Harley Quinn's lover/partner-in-crime Poison Ivy. It'd be so dope to bring her into the fray and have her trap her foes in vines and smack everyone off the stage with her plant-based pets at the ready. I'd love for her to have a mechanic where she uses her perfume to confuse the enemy for a few seconds and take control over them to have them fight by her side.

5. Daffy Duck ('Looney Tunes')

Warner Bros. Animation

If Bugs Bunny is part of this game, then his mortal enemy/lowkey bestie should also hop in as a representative of the Looney Tunes crew. This MultiVersus roster wishlist wouldn't be complete without having the angriest duck in all of cartoons included on it. Daffy Duck's love of mallets, anvils, and axes could definitely come into play when it's time to head into battle. Daffy better come with his "Duck Dodgers" costume, too!

6. Lola Bunny ('Looney Tunes')

Warner Bros.

Space Jam: A New Legacy was pretty much the cinematic version of MultiVersus since it featured an amalgamation of WB's wide swath of characters from its many IPs. It's only right that the original Looney Tunes bunny baller that got introduced in the first Space Jam gets to indulge in even more crossover mayhem. I'm willing to pony up a few extra dollars for a Lola Bunny that arrives with her classic uniform and her latest basketball gear. And of course, her moveset should consist of her pulling off slick basketball maneuvers and dodges that make her a fast-moving hazard at all times.

7. Scooby-Doo

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Warner Bros.

Shaggy's in. And Velma of all people is in (she's totally on her Phoenix Wright from Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 steez, which I love!). The lead character from the cartoon both those aforementioned characters hail from most definitely needs a roster spot in this game. My dog Scooby-Doo would be so amusing in fighting game form - I say let him be a swift combatant that flings food, headbutts, and bites his foes to stay in the fight. And he also needs an attack where he hops into the Mystery Machine to terrorize the opposition.

8. Yogi Bear

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Everett Collection

The bear that makes it his mission to terrorize everyone's picnics would make for a hilarious addition to the MultiVersus character contingent. I can clearly envision Yogi Bear swinging around a massive picnic basket and smacking everyone around him that dares to get in his way. Having him fling plates, munch on random bits of grub to recover him & his partner's health, and even utilize Cindy Bear's trusty umbrella to save him from falling to his doom should all be a part of his moveset.

9. Peridot ('Steven Universe')

Steven Universe Season 3 Episode 82 Still.0.0
Cartoon Network

Steven Universe is getting plenty of shine in MultiVersus thanks to the appearance of the hero the show's named after and Garnet. If those two are in, then I'd be ready to sign a petition to make sure another fan-favorite character from that beloved cartoon makes it into the game. And that's Peridot! She's quite adept at manipulating the element of metal, creating all sorts of objects on the fly, and can even transform one of her hands into a blaster. Peridot's seemingly a jack-of-all-trades that could be quite the asset as a teammate in this game.

10. Samurai Jack

20226157530 Aku.0
Adult Swim Games/Soliel Games

This MultiVersus roster wishlist of mine is definitely going to include even more greats from the WB's Cartoon Network library. I'm super open to getting Samurai Jack at launch once MultiVersus finally drops since I need another sword-based character in the mix. Jack's katana (and the other weapons he adopts in the game Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time) presents him as one of the more menacing combatants on this list, which is all the reason why he should get a starring role in this game. I'm definitely tryna to hack and slash everyone to bits and pieces as my guy Jack! Clean-shaven Jack and bearded Jack would be the two best skins for his time spent in MutliVersus.

11. Austin Powers

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Melinda Sue Gordon/Alamy

I want to get extra silly in MultiVersus. And the best way to do that is by using the types of characters that would feel like a fever dream once they're incorporated into a fighting game. It doesn't get any sillier than my man Austin Powers here. The spy that bags so many women (even though he's not much of a looker) and always manages to save the day through his hilarious clashes with Dr. Evil has to get a nod here. Mr. Powers and his lethal judo chop, Bazooka Marksman Joe's M20A1 "Super Bazooka," and signature Mini Cooper could make for a fun moveset.

12. The Mask

the mask
Sunset Boulevard/Corbis via Getty Images

Let's stick to my whole silly theme here! My MultiVersus roster wishlist now feels like more of a respectful nod to cinematic history now that one of Jim Carrey's most memorable roles is in place. The Mask and his swaggy banana yellow-colored suit would look incredible in 3D form within this game. I'm open to seeing all those exaggerated facial and body animations of his as a part of his offensive/defensive arsenal. Letting him run wild with an oversized hammer and also be able to consume & spit out sticks of dynamite sounds extra hype, doesn't it? Side note - The Mask has to come with his custom blue satin rhumba shirt costume, too!

13. The Powerpuff Girls

p12656123 b v9 bf
Cartoon Network

Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup are the sweetest little superheroines I've ever had the pleasure of watching. Whenever they assaulted Mojo Jojo, my day would instantly improve. Now here's how I want to see them pop up in MultiVersus. Let's go the Super Smash Bros. Pokémon Trainer route and have my guy Professor Utonium rooting on his girls in the background on a separate platform. All three girls should be treated as a single-character slot where players have the ability to switch between each character with the press of a button.

14. Ben 10

Ben 10 Power Trip Background Website Horizontal
Outright Games

Ben 10 presents an interesting scenario for his appearance in a fighting game. The young tyke has the ability to tap into a myriad of alien transformations that affords him the use of unique abilities & appearances. The best way to perfectly present him in MutliVersus is by implementing his best alien forms into his normal moves and specials. So what forms should be accessible? Let's run with Ultimate Echo Echo, Big Chill, Swampfire, and Humungousaur. The cool abilities attached to each of those alien forms should make for some clever use of what fans have seen on his show.

15. Rick Sanchez ('Rick and Morty')

Warner Bros./Adult Swim

"To live is to risk it all; otherwise you're just an inert chunk of randomly assembled molecules drifting wherever the universe blows you." - Rick Sanchez. I'm gonna get that tattooed on my wrist at some point. Anyways, Rick and his wild contraptions make him a super viable pick for my MultiVersus roster wishlist. I hope the mad scientist comes equipped with his Laser Gun, Freeze Ray, Portal Gun, and trusty Space Cruiser for all his time spent in the game. It'd be pretty awesome if he'd be able to lay down Neutrino Bombs for maximum damage and destruction, too!

16. Scorpion ('Mortal Kombat')

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Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment houses the legendary development studio behind the most violent fighting game series of all time, Mortal Kombat. NetherRealm Studios has so many iconic characters within its stable and one of them is the fiery ninja known for telling his opponents to "GET OVER HERE!" Scorpion's extendable spear, flame-based specials, and trusty katana could do a number on the rest of the WB characters catalog. I'm so ready to pull off some dope teleports just to get out of danger whenever Scorpion's in danger of getting eliminated.

17. Sub-Zero ('Mortal Kombat')

3488828 mk11 subzerogameplay site
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

And now we have the total opposite of Scorpion - the arctic assassin himself, Sub-Zero. You just can't have a game with one Mortal Kombat ninja and not the other, right? Sub-Zero has the ability to put everyone in his way into a deep freeze, so I could totally picture him dropping sharp icicles on people's heads and making the surface extra slippery for the opposition. And having the ability to whip out Sub-Zero's massive ax sounds like the perfect melee weapon needed for him to get in even closer to his foes.

18. Neo ('The Matrix')

Culture Matrix Sequels.0
Warner Bros. Pictures

"The One" has to go nuclear on the rest of the MutliVersus roster! Neo can put hands, feet, elbows, and knees on everyone and everything that tries to test his masterful martial-arts skills. There has to be some sort of slow-motion mechanic where he sends his opponent into a near-frozen state and allows him to land super fast strikes. I'm also gonna need Neo to have the same pole that helped him do all those Agent Smith clones so dirty.

19. Godzilla

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Warner Bros. Pictures

The raging "King of the Monsters" has to be in this damn game! And I've already come to grips with the fact that he'll have to be downsized a bit to fit into MultiVersus. Godzilla will most likely get the Ridley from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate treatment in order to make him somewhat equal in size and stature to everyone else. This big lovable lizard can do massive damage with his claw strikes, tail whip, vicious bites, and super hype energy beam.

20. Kong

godzillavskong hollowearth blogroll 1616542763294 160w
Warner Bros. Pictures

My MultiVersus roster wishlist has Godzilla on it, so it's only right that his fiercest rival gets to join him in the ring. The latest rendition of Kong that comes with his own mega ax would pretty much give this platform brawler its very own version of Donkey Kong. Kong's gotta hop into this fighter and reach the top of everyone's tier lists thanks to his powerful punches, bearhug, gorilla press slam, and deadly ax swings. A team defense booster that comes from Kong banging on his chest as a special taunt would be so dope, wouldn't it?

21. Johnny Bravo

Cartoon Network

Johnny Bravo is a thirsty pioneer. He spent his every waking day doing everything in his power trying to bag the latest eye candy that entered his field of view. I still have a ton of love for Cartoon Network's lovable loser and am fully expecting him to try his luck in MultiVersus. If you're one of the few that actually played Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion, then you already know Johny has a template that can be taken from that game and applied to him in this one. Let him do all his kung-fu and fling combs all over the place, I say!

22. Fred Flintstone ('The Flintstones)

1200px Fred Flintstone
Warner Bros.

Player First Games can definitely reach back into Warner Bros.'s Hanna-Barbera bag and dig out even more classic cartoon characters for the game. The one I'm pulling from that bag of nostalgia for my MultiVersus roster wishlist is the best prehistoric papa of all time, Fred Flinstone. Good old Fred's gotta use all those Stone Age tools he's so handy with and bring his foot-activated car to the arena if he has any hopes of staying in the fight.

23. Animaniacs

animaniacs2020 1600146264272

Just like my concept for The Powerpuff Girls, I'm open to MultiVersus showcasing the mischievous Animaniacs within the confines of a single-character slot. Yakko, Wakko, and Dot would handle extremely well by being able to be on the screen at the same time and being able to pull off all their attacks in unison. All three characters have a goodie bag full of slapstick items they can rely on to beat everyone into oblivion. And as far as extra costumes go, they have so many alternate fits they can fit into in this game.

24. Gandalf ('The Lord of the Rings')

Gandalf The Hobbit
Warner Bros./New Line Cinema

"YOU SHALL NOT PASS!" That memorable quotable belongs to the wise and oh so wonderful wizard of the Istari order, Gandalf. He's my favorite character from The Lord of the Rings films and my main from The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King PS2 game. My man Gandalf is not only beastly with a sword in hand, but he's also a master mage that can cast a host of spells. I'm sure he'd make for a great assist that can encase him and his teammate in a defensive orb at will.

25. Osmosis Jones

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Warner Bros.

Now this is a throwback, for sure! Osmosis Jones made me want to eat differently and be extra clean after witnessing all the inner turmoil Bill Murray's body went through. The main character from that live-action/animated hybrid movie is Osmosis Jones himself (who's famously voiced by Chris Rock!). Jones is a gun-toting do-gooder that just had to make my MultiVersus roster wishlist. For an old head like me, this character pick of mine is simply a must.

26. Ruby Rose ('RWBY')

Arc System Works

Warner Bros. has all the original content created by Rooster Teeth contained within its seemingly never-ending vault of owned companies. And one of the more noteworthy properties that media company adores is RWBY, which is a super cool anime that features some of the most lethal ladies I've ever had the pleasure of fanboying over. The show's leading femme fetal is Ruby Rose, a cheery woman who scares the hell out of most folks thanks to her expert use of a High-Caliber Sniper-Scythe called "Crescent Rose." Just take a look at what she can do in BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle and you'll have a clear idea of how badass Ruby truly is.

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