'NBA2K24' MyTeam Starter Guide: Tips and Pointers To Build Your Squad

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So, you're looking for some NBA2K24 MyTeam Tips and pointers as the game just launched? We have you covered!

There is no truer sign that we are almost done with the laborious purgatory of the NBA offseason than the annual release of the beloved franchise NBA2K. The newest installment in the franchise, NBA2k24, is marketed to be the biggest and most ambitious NBA2K game in recent memory. Booting up NBA2K24 on launch day can be extremely overwhelming, especially if you haven't picked up the franchise in recent years. From the MyCareer to Mamba Moments, to MyTeam, there are hours of content and gameplay to be had.

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Today, we're going to focus on the card collecting and team-building game mode that exists in MyTeam. I have played through nearly every NBA2K game lifecycle from NBA2K8 through this installment, with a lot of hours (and sadly dollars) going into my MyTeam.

Here are some pointers and tricks to get you started for MyTeam in NBA2K24:

Starter Packs

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As soon as you boot up the MyTeam game mode you will be given an option to choose a 'Starter Pack' that is full of players to get your roster started. The pack is a mix of gold cards and an evolution player, which after completing a specific challenge with the player the card evolves from gold to emerald.

I wouldn't fret too much over your starter pack. Every evolution card that you can get from starter packs is available to acquire via the domination game mode, so no need to have FOMO over your pack.

The pack I chose for my starter was the Chicago Bulls, but really only because I'm a Bulls fan. I was given a gold Jay Williams evolution card, which after racking up 10 assists with the player, I evolved him into an emerald card. This is probably a card that won't be in my lineup very long so again, don't stress too much about your starter pack. If you are looking for a cheesier card from your starter pack maybe consider choosing the Mavericks which will award you a gold Jason Terry evolution card with a base 82 three-point rating.

How To Complete Welcome To MyTeam Mural

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One of the first collections you might see in MyTeam and wonder how to acquire the cards is the 'Welcome to MyTeam' promo. This consists of five images that when complete make up the cover for NBA2k24. To complete this collection, there are various challenges you must overcome.

In the home section of MyTeam, there is a section labeled 'Legendary Path' that is full of challenges and tasks to complete for MyTeam currency, players, and experience. Under 'Lifetime Agendas' there should be a series of challenges labeled 'Welcome to MyTeam'. We only want to focus on 'Welcome to MyTeam #1' and 'Welcome to MyTeam #2'.

After completing the first set of challenges, you will be awarded a pack with a Joel Embiid collectible. After trading that collectible in through the exchange, you will get a pack with three of the first collectibles for the 'Welcome To MyTeam' collection.

You will also be awarded a 'Visual Concepts Prize Ball'. This is a new item to the game and adds a fun aspect to MyTeam. You must equip this ball to your team through the lineup management and then franchise mode. Once there, swap out your regular ball for the Visual Concepts Prize Ball.

After you play a few games (it took me two domination gams) the prize ball will pop and you will be awarded a pack. After opening this pack you will be awarded the last two puzzle pieces for the Welcome to MyTeam collection.

What Game Mode To Grind First?

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There are a lot of different game modes inside of MyTeam that you can choose to grind for on day one. What you choose to grind on day one will drastically differ based on your own enjoyment. I don't enjoy playing online as much as offline, so I hopped into Domination first. In this game mode, you play against every NBA roster, earning stars and unlocking rewards. The final reward is a ruby De'Aaron Fox which probably won't be usable in a month or two but still a nice card to have.

The main reason I would say to grind domination is because of the new MT reward multiplier for playing games. In the past, you'd earn maybe 1,500 MT per domination match, which was quite frustrating. Now, 2K rewards players upwards of 4,000 MT per game. There is no auction house so players are much more expensive than in the past, but it never hurts to get ahead on a stockpile of coins.

What game modes are you hopping into on day one of NBA2K24? Make sure to send me a screenshot of what your team looks like on Twitter @justincohen24 and @137pm!

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