Everything You Need to Know About ‘Saints Row' (2022)

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The open-world action/adventure formula that revolves around committing crimes and embracing the madness of it all was popularized by Grand Theft Auto III. And in its wake, there's been an abundance of titles that stick to the tried and true formula that Rockstar Games' biggest IP has put forth. Saints Row is one of those franchises inspired by everything GTA introduced the world to and has been going strong since 2006. The last mainline entry in the series (Saints Row IV) was released in 2013, while its standalone expansion (Saints Row: Gatt Out of Hell) launched in 2015. After taking a break from its zany brand of open-world gunplay, driving, and more, Saints Row is returning in 2022 with a new look but the same mayhem fans know all so well.

Release Date and Playable Platforms

Saints Row 2022
Deep Silver

Saints Row (2022) will be available on August 23 for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Xbox One, PC (Epic Games Store), and Google Stadia.



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