'Sand Land' Game Release Date: Story, Gameplay, and More

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Akira Toriyama's impact on the world of manga/anime cannot be understated. The immense popularity of Dragon Ball Z reached far and wide - its influence can be seen in all types of media and still manages to churn out new series & movies as time goes on. You may be shocked to hear that all those "Super Saiyan" battles aren't the only story arcs Mr. Toriyama is responsible for penning - his name is also attached to a post-apocalyptic adventure that follows a ragtag group who set out to solve their world's severe water shortage. Not only is the official anime for that storyline premise finally debuting in the States, but it's also getting an action RPG interpretation that looks to be worth hopping into. Join us as we take a look into the Sand Land game via its release date, story, and gameplay.

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'Sand Land' Game Release Date

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Bandai Namco Entertainment

The Sand Land game is slated to drop on April 26, 2024, for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, and PC - Steam. The three editions that are set for release are the Standard, Deluxe, and Collectors Edition. The pre-order bonus for all of those editions is the Survival Camo Pack, which comes with three respective camouflage skins for your "Battle Tank," "Motorbike," and "Jump-Bot." The items set to come with the Deluxe Edition include the:

  • Speed Demon Pack - comes with six consumables and tank weapons
  • My Room Furniture Set: Army Base
  • My Room Furniture Set: Hideout
  • Beelzebub Decal Set

As for the Collector's Edition, the aforementioned Deluxe Edition goodies and the following items come packaged with it:

  • a physical Beelzebub figurine
  • a physical postcard set
  • a steelbook



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