Sony Music Announces V-Tubing Project "VEE"

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Sony Music Entertainment

Sony Music Entertainment Japan is announcing one of its biggest projects to date. "VEE" is Sony Music's largest virtual talent development and management project in history, and they have just debuted their first five Gen Talents. Through this project, not only will streaming and video creation be undertaken, but also activities such as music, voice acting, works creation, etc. for each virtual talent to realize their dreams.

Sony Music Group, which has developed a wide range of entertainment businesses, will support the activities of each virtual talent by making the most of its know-how and solutions.

Meet the five talents taking the world by storm.

Otokado Ruki

Sony Music Entertainment Japan

Hi, I’m Otokado Ruki, the vitamin supplement of VEE! I actually have zero talent as a devil. Despite that, just like I was able to cheer myself up and get going again, I dream of being someone's vitamin supply! Until I become a BIG demon, hope you all have my back!

A must-see for those who just want to be energized! If you see Otokado Ruki, your quality of life is sure to skyrocket! I won’t make you regret coming over to have fun. My goal is to sing at a big event! I believe singing can connect us beyond the airwaves and the world! I want to make full use of my 3D body so that the audience can enjoy it even more!

Kujo Ringo

Sony Music Entertainment Japan

Good day to you. I am Kujo Ringo, a vampire-human hybrid.

I have been a virtual talent for some time now, but now I have been given the opportunity to meet with you. I am your lord, serving as a lighthouse to all of you who work hard every day.
Pleased to meet you! I'm best at impromptu chat sessions more than anything else. I also make some unique things at …… haha, come check out my videos!

I like easy microwave recipes, and sleep and rise early!

Syusetu Kohaku

Sony Music Entertainment Japan

Konhaku, It’s Syusetu Kohaku~! I'm a cheerful, mischievous fox who laughs a lot! I'm not a cat! I'm mainly active in game streaming! I'm good at FPS and want to show off my AIM
to everyone's amazement, especially to people who love to watch FPS streams!!! Especially those that love "Apex Legends"!

I have experience as an APEX Predator! Please take good care of Syusetu Kohaku! This year I want to make lots of friends and…! I'm gonna try to get to 100,000 channel subscribers! I want a Silver Button!

Tulsi-Nightmare Madness IV

Tulsi Nightmare Madness IV
Sony Music Entertainment Japan

I'm answering this question while eating seaweed, but I'll tell you the best way to eat it. Korean seaweed white rice + SPAM (cut into small pieces) => eat it while rolling it up. It's really good, so please try it. That’s all! I don't focus on the negative. It's only a negative if you spend your precious time staring at the screen in a daze. But if you multiply two negatives together, you get a positive result. That's what I mean!

My goal is to build a BIIIIIIIIIG demon castle in Harajuku. And then I'm going to eat a huge amount of my favorite food and go to bed. I also want to go to Hawaii!

Hinahoshi Airu

Sony Music Entertainment Japan

Iruiru! It’s the overwhelming alien, Hinahoshi Airu Let me introduce myself. Well, I’m great! I’m awesome! I'm strong! I’m the best and also a genius…You get it? Don't you? Let’s just end this and play with Iru!! Iru would be so happy if everyone comes over! People that can make Iru happy are awesome! The best! Happy and Happy make a WIN x 2!

This is about "continuity"! Isn't that cool! I will try to master something~! Something like eating a doughnut every day, or a pudding a day, or…

Aren't they adorable? You can keep up with all of the latest "VEE" updates via their official website.

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