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Get to Know Jalon, the LA-Based Streamer Who's Turning Heads


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There’s an ever-increasing collection of POC streamers across the vast landscape of Twitch. And to make matters even better, a good majority of those streamers are women. One of the female streamers who's caught our (and plenty of other viewers’ attention) is Jalon. The Black and Bengali Twitch personality hails from Arizona, but now makes her residence in Los Angeles. Jalon—who was this week's guest on Inside the Screen, hosted by Aaron "Don" Dukes—began streaming in November 2020 and has blossomed into one of Twitch’s bubbliest personalities. Her role as a variety streamer has afforded her the ability to bring in all sorts of viewers that want to watch her warm personality and bouts of hilarity in action.

Jalon has already achieved some lofty goals for herself: She's managed to become an official Twitch partner (which is a major milestone that took place during her 10-month anniversary livestream!), raised $1K+ through her first fundraiser for the National Black Trans Advocacy Coalition, and is always in the mix filming her own projects and starring in them. Her upward trajectory inspires us all and we can't wait to see where she goes next.