Elton's 'Street Fighter 6' Launch Roster Wishlist

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1. Ken

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Ryu's lookin' mighty distinguished with that brick shithouse body build of his and that awesome facial hair. I hope we get an equally older and more refined version of Ken in Street Fighter 6 that looks a lot better (facially) than his Street Fighter V self. I wouldn't mind seeing him come back with a new variation of that black v-neck training shirt with the red linings on it. Since he's the more kick-happy member of the Shoto characters in Street Fighter, it'd make send for him to break out some moves in that regard.

2. Chun-Li


Chun-Li's practically the female frontrunner for the series, so she has to make it in. She's matured a lot already, but I figure Capcom would like to add a few extra years to her and make her look like more of a veteran who's seen it all & beaten them all. Her traditional Street Fighter II uniform is iconic and all, but Street Fighter 6's version of Chun-Li needs to rock an even more badass rendition of her far better Street Fighter Alpha fit.

3. Akuma


How old will Akuma be at this point in the Street Fighter 6 timeline? It doesn't matter all that much since he's always looked well over 30. I didn't mind him rocking the lion's mane in Street Fighter V, so I'm totally open to him coming back with it once again. The coolest, most barbaric Shoto in all of Street Fighter shouldn't be held off the launch roster this time around - I wanna land some "Raging Demon's" with the man on day one! I'm dying to see a cinematic battle take place between Hot Ryu and an older Akuma in Street Fighter 6.

4. Cammy

Street Fighter V Cammy Wide

The "Delta Red" operative known as Cammy stands right alongside Chun-Li as one of the most recognizable ladies hailing from the world of Street Fighter. She's obviously going to be a part of this game's roster and I hope she comes with some new kick specials as a part of her signature Special Forces moveset. And that...well, "revealing" costume of hers? I think it's time Capcom ditched it for something that reflects Cammy's spec-ops virtuoso status.

5. Sakura


Sakura's risen up the ranks when it comes to fan-favorite Shoto practitioners. Her fangirl appreciation for Ryu pushed her to mimic his style and give her own spin on his traditional moveset. Seeing her come back in Street Fighter 6 would be pretty dope if she finally mastered her version of Ansatsuken and had a new look that reflected that master status. Ditch the arcade assistant worker drip and give her something more fitting for combat this time, Capcom!

6. Juri

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Juri's popularity has seemingly skyrocketed in recent years. While her player usage isn't exactly all that high in Street Fighter V, she's still beloved by many Street Fighter fans and has taken a fair share of the alternate costumes Street Fighter V features. Instead of relegating her to a DLC spot for her next go-round, Capcom needs to just go ahead and add Juri to Street Fighter 6's launch roster. Street Fighter's lone South Korean Taekwondo master is very deserving of a launch roster spot here, I say.

7. Menat

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Rose's Story Mode ending pointed to a disturbing future for the Street Fighter universe that could result in its ruin. Even though it feels like she'll be an active participant in making sure that sad outcome doesn't come to pass, I can totally envision Rose training her apprentice Menat even more so she can be the one to save the world. Street Fighter 6 should push Menat a bit harder this time around as someone central to the game's plotline. Plus she's one of the Street Fighter V's most adored newbies, so it makes sense for her to get the launch roster nod here.

8. C. Viper

SFV Viper

It was pretty funny watching C. Viper sneak around Street Fighter V's story mode art panels. I figured she was due for a DLC character nod at some point, especially since she could be seen rocking a new outfit. But for some odd reason, she got left by the wayside. Since she was MIA as a playable character in Street Fighter V, it's only right that she makes a welcome return in Street Fighter 6 with a whole bunch of cool new gadgets in tow.

9. Rashid

12 rashidscreen01

Another Street Fighter 5 debut that got a lot of praise was Rashid's. Capcom did a bang-up job when it came to creating a proper Middle Eastern character that's respectful to the global region he's inspired by. Rashid's playstyle is super unique and his overall design is top-notch, so he's very deserving of coming over from Street Fighter V to Street Fighter 6. I'd welcome a few changes to his default costume, too.

10. Alex

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Ay, you know what - I could live without ever having to see Zangief again. As far as likable grapplers go, he's on the very bottom of my list. I'd swap out the "Red Cyclone" for Alex in a heartbeat. And that's exactly what I'm doing here. Street Fighter III's frontman deserves a chance to grow in age and adopt even more devastating grabs to reflect his higher experience level. If Capcom is gonna go with at least one grappler for Street Fighter 6, this swole city slicker should be the one they run with.

11. Ed

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Based on the climax of Street Fighter V's story mode, M. Bison is no more. But his Psycho Power's lingered on in two of Neo Shadaloo's members. One of those members is its actual leader, who's simply known as Ed. After getting some tough love and training from Balrog, Ed grew up to be a boxing menace of his own that's powered by M. Bison's purple aura. I'd love to Ed make a comeback and take over Balrog's spot in Street Fighter 6. If Capcom adjusted his special inputs to be more traditional and gave him more tools to work with, I'd be highly satisfied with his upgraded self. Oh and Capcom? Please give Ed a much better default costume!

12. Dudley

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Since we're still on the topic of boxers, I know I speak for most Street Fighter fans when I scream out "BRING BACK DUDLEY!" The classiest boxer in all of fighting games is long overdue for a return to the Street Fighter stage and this sequel seems like the perfect opportunity to do so. I can totally live without Balrog - just throw in Dudley, have him test his skills against Ed, and make sure he's outfitted with even more swaggy punch combos to make me happy, Capcom!

13. Makoto

01 costume02

Another highly revered Street Fighter III character is the tomboyish, Rindo-kan Karate disciple Makoto. I'm pulling for her to slide back into the swing of things just so I can see her chop the hell out of everyone that tests her once again. An older and wiser Makoto who's fully mastered her form of karate would blow everyone's minds if that version of her got revealed in a super hype gameplay trailer.

14. Urien

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I feel like Gill and his Secret Society will play a major part in how Street Fighter 6's storyline will unfold. And that means Gill's spiteful brother Urien will obviously make his presence felt once again. I adored the man in Street Fighter V and had him as one of my mains, so I really want to master him all over again in Street Fighter 6. Y'all know those Aegis Reflectors are going to look even better with the RE Engine powering it all.

15 to 18. Four New Characters

With these four roster picks, I'm just sticking to the new character formula Street Fighter IV and V did at launch. Street Fighter IV debuted C. Viper, Abel, Rufus, and El Fuerte from the outset, while Street Fighter V marked the initial arrival of Necalli, Laura, Rashid, and Fang. Street Fighter 6 should follow that trend by introducing four new series entrants of its own. I'd love to see Fang's disciple Phantom, Geki II (who's a successor to the original Geki from the first Street Fighter), and two entirely brand new characters with distinct fighting styles appear in this game.

Season One DLC Character Picks

1. Fei Long

fei intro sf4

Out of all the Bruce Lee lookalikes in all of fighting games, Fei Long takes the cake as my favorite. I took to the guy during his debut in Super Street Fighter II and warmed up to him, even more, when he came to blows with Ryu in Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie. It's about time Long got another chance to bring his masterful kung fu skills to the forefront of another Street Fighter game. An older, wiser, and extra more lethal version of Long could make for a pretty valid pick as far as DLC character picks go.

2. Necro

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I'ma keep it a stack with you guys - I'm so cool on ever having to see Dhalsim again. I know he's an OG member of the Street Fighter roster, but I think it's about time for him to ride off into the sunset and take care of his village & family during the next Street Fighter tournament. I always felt like Necro was a cooler version of the limb stretching Yoga practitioner. Necro's unique character design, electrified special moves, and his ability to land some long-range attacks & wrestling moves in equal order makes him such an awesome character in my eyes. I'd love to see Necro take over Dhalsim's spot in Street Fighter 6.

3. Sodom

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Street Fighter and Final Fight simply go hand in hand. Ever since fans got treated to the likes of Guy and Sodom in the very first Street Fighter Alpha, Capcom's beat 'em up greats have popped in & out of other entries in the series. Speaking of Sodom, the big guy has been MIA since his last playable appearance in Street Fighter Alpha 3. Seeing him relegated to a background character in one of Street Fighter V's stages hurt my soul, I swear. Capcom can mend my broken heart by bringing him back in Street Fighter 6 with his switchable pair of jitte and katana blades in tow. And I'd really like to see Sodom's long-flowing wig in its full glory thanks to the power of the RE Engine.

4. Sean

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Sean's fall from solid to atrocious during his stint in the Street Fighter III games was heartbreaking to see. Even with his low-tier performance in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, I still gave the Brazilian-born Ansatsuken trainee plenty of playtime. Sean got a quick cameo in Street Fighter V within some art stills and story mode cutscenes, which made me want to see him come back as a playable fighter even more. Street Fighter 6's version of Sean should be a more refined Shoto character that puts his signature usage of the Hadouken, Shoryuken, and Tatsumaki Senpukyaku to good use. I totally feel like an older version of Sean should rock some appropriately lengthy braids to boot.

5. Batsu

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Akira from Rival Schools was a part of the fifth season of Street Fighter V's DLC character lineup. I got such a kick out of her air combos being perfectly replicated in that game and was happy to see that Capcom hadn't forgotten about her and the series she originated from. This Capcom IP crossover between Street Fighter and Rival Schools should keep on rolling, I say! Instead of bringing Akira back, I'd actually like to see Rival Schools' frontman enter the fray. More specifically, Burning Batsu from Project Justice should hop back into the spotlight in Street Fighter 6. This version of Batsu is such a cool take on the traditional Shoto fighting style, which is why I think he'd fit in so well within the confines of a Street Fighter game.

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