6 Video Game Crossovers That Make Too Much Sense Not to Happen

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Crossovers are a sensible—or even sometimes a nonsensical—mashup that has the potential to please two fanbases simultaneously. Pull it off in a blockbuster superhero movie with a well-established cinematic universe and watch the billions of dollars roll in. Produce a weird culinary concoction between two popular food franchises and prepare to see a whole lot of taste-testing videos. And combine the rosters of two wrestling companies and get ready to be in awe of a sellout crowd.

In the world of gaming, crossovers come a dime a dozen, and for the most part, they work like a charm. Fighting games have allowed us to pit Capcom’s world warriors against Marvel’s mutant superstars, see who’s more dominant in a war between the Mortal Kombat and DC universes and participate in a clash between Capcom’s best and Tatsunoku’s finest. Other games have done an awesome job of teaming up our favorite characters and throwing them into crossover experiences we’ve come to adore: Kingdom Hearts, Battletoads/Double Dragon and Project X Zone

Someday, we hope to play these dream crossover games.

1. ‘Devil May Cry’ x ‘Bayonetta’

If you happen to be a Devil May Cry fan, chances are high that you’re also fond of the Bayonetta series. Both franchises let you pull off flashy combos and drop corny one-liners during climactic clashes with supernatural beings. Dante and Bayonetta herself are iconic gaming protagonists who are pretty much mirrors of each other in every way. If Capcom and PlatinumGames ever decide to link up, their first priority should be a joint action game that combines the demon and angel hunting endeavors featured in Devil May Cry and Bayonetta.

2. ‘Wolfenstein’ x ‘DOOM’

The Nazis were practically obsessed with cases of the occult and black magic, right? What if they figured out a way to command the hordes of Hell and use them to win World War II? Could you possibly put an end to their hellish reign? Seems like an easy question to answer, if you’re Bethesda, with the first-person gorefest that gives the chance to run gun-first into battle with B.J. Blazkowicz and the Doom Slayer sounds like a recipe for disaster. And by disaster, we mean the “pull off sick headshots and melee kills” kind of disaster that’s always fun to play. This Wolfenstein x DOOM crossover is essentially a first-person shooter that 1980s/1990s babies and new generation gamers would equally enjoy.

3. ‘Guilty Gear’ x ‘BlazBlue’

So Arc System Works already tapped into the power of crossover fighting games with the release of BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle. As a 2v2 team fighter, it gets the job done. The ever-growing roster features a bunch of fan favorites from the BlazBlue, Persona 4 Arena, Under Night In-Birth, RWBY and Arcana Heart franchises. But the one crossover fighter that we’ve been dying to see is a clash between the rosters of Guilty Gear and BlazBlue. The rosters of both games are damn near identical, plus the likelihood of another classic 2v2 fighter from this mashup is high. Teaming up Sol Badguy with Ragna the Bloodedge and letting them hash out their issues with rivals Ky Kiske and Jin Kisaragi is a scenario we’d love to play out someday.

4. Lego x Nintendo

The Lego brand has practically worked with every other brand that matters. Whether it’s an extensive building set or a brand new platforming game, Lego has been tied to numerous franchises known the world over. We’ve gotten our fill of playing through Lego-ized renditions of familiar Marvel, DC and Star Wars adventures. The next logical step is to align Lego with another kid-friendly company: Nintendo. Blocky renditions of the Mushroom Kingdom, Planet Zebes and the Hyrule Kingdom sounds amazing, right? And exploring those popular Nintendo worlds and others like it with blocky versions of Mario, Samus and Link would make our day. 

5. ‘Shantae’ x ‘Shovel Knight’

There’s a reason why Shantae and Shovel Knight are highly requested as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC characters—they’re two equally endearing heroes that star in quality throwback platformers. But here’s an even better proposition: How about a game that combines the wild and wacky worlds of the half-genie hero and the armored savior? The one element that would make this dream game even better would be its art style, watching Shovel Knight come alive in a beautifully realized 16-bit world would do wonders for the man. Running around and hair whipping baddies while the famed Shovel Knight hops and bops close by sounds so enticing. The same can be said about the possibility of WayForward Technologies and Yacht Club Games working together in perfect harmony.

6. ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ x ‘Freedom Planet’

Spend a few minutes playing Freedom Planet and this thought will immediately enter your head: “Man, this feels like a lost Sega Genesis game.” GalaxyTrail’s fast-paced platformer evokes memories of Sega’s 16-bit adventures thanks to its cast of anthropomorphic heroines and topsy-turvy stages. In a perfect world, Sonic and his pals would run at top speeds alongside Avalice’s saviors as they take on Doctor Eggman and Lord Brevon. Exploring colorful 16-bit worlds is always a good time. Those good times would upgrade to great times if we ever got to do them with Sonic, Tails and Knuckles and their newest allies Lilac and Carol. If this dream crossover game combined the best parts of Sonic Mania and Freedom Planet, then you’d have yourself the perfect throwback platformer.

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