137FM 012: Watch Out For These Producers

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On 137FM 012, we'll be taking a deep dive into some of the best producers (and executive producers) in the underground right now. These four creatives all bring something very special to the table, which is made blatantly apparent in their music.

This is your opportunity to get familiar with A$AP Illz, BlaccMass, Yung Icey, and Jaasu.

1. A$AP Illz

This is a new age for executive production, with countless opportunities for those who can serve the role properly. A$AP Illz is one of those people. The A$AP Mob co-founder has a history of spotlighting dope underground talent, and has recently continued that trend with a Dee Aura collab tape, BODEINE BRAZY. The tape features just one artist: ROKKSTAR NOVA. Not to mention the unique influence that Nino Andretti and DJ Phatt added, just as they have on many notable underground projects. BODEINE BRAZY isn't any ordinary underground project. It's a new wave. One led by A$AP Illz and his circle of innovative creatives. If you pay attention closely you'll see many key details within the project that are deliberately there; it's no coincidence, that's A$AP Illz's influence.

Perfection is what I love to mold and create. It's my honor to do it.

- A$AP Illz

Illz's attention to detail seeps throughout the 10 tracks of this project, all of which he arranged and ordered. Illz is one of the most prolific tastemakers of our generation, and it's on full display here. This is a big step forward for Illz, and a big step forward for the underground music culture right now.

For those in tune with music and fashion, A$AP Illz's name has been popping up everywhere. This BODEINE BRAZY tape makes it abundantly clear why that's the case. Check out his debut album with Dee Aura below.

2. BlaccMass

BlaccMass is one of our favorite producers of late; the young talent somehow manages to exceed expectations with every single drop. BlaccMass has an unparalleled knack for remixing popular acapellas, both with other popular beats and beats of his own. Not only is his beatmaking ability on display, but so is his passionate love for music.

I feel the job of a producer is to curate the landscape for the artist. Almost like picking the setting for a movie, you are designing the set for the actor and you basically direct everything. Letting the artist infuse into your work, but not losing sight of your original intention.

- BlaccMass

BlaccMass' wild catalog goes beyond just remixes and mashups; he's made beats for Lancey Foux and Zack Fox, amongst others.

I love that music peers into the soul and notes can become engrained in the psyche. Music is and always will be apart of my life because the songs I hear hit my soul every time. It's a metaphysical feeling that can't be easily simplified nor explained, but the people who really knows the feeling, they know.

- BlaccMass

BlaccMass is putting on an absolute clinic for how to be a modern age producer. It's like he knows exactly what every music lover wants. Time and time again, he delivers.

3. Yung Icey

If you claim to be familiar with the hip hop underground, and you don't know Yung Icey, then sadly, you'd be wrong.

Yung Icey has interwoven himself into the music scene at its roots, and he's continued to grow alongside his recording artist peers from those very roots. He's made a notable impact on SoundCloud, and has proceeded to repeat that pattern. Icey 's SoundCloud boasts 18k followers and over 10M streams on just his top two songs alone (both with Yung Bans): "Right Through You" and "Out." That's more than what most recording artists typically have. As if that's not impressive enough, his portfolio of music includes cuts with Future, Denzel Curry, D Savage, and Poundside Pop, amongst others.

Icey has taken his industry insight and has directly applied that to the underground artist community through management and collaboration, working closely with acts like NGeeYL and BabyPlug (137FM 011 alum).

Coincidentally, the cover art of one of Icey's top two SoundCloud songs, "Out," features A$AP Illz (the cover of today's edition).

4. Jaasu

To end our 12th edition of 137FM, we'll be highlighting producer wonder Jaasu.

His collaboration with 10fifty on Remble's "Touchable" turned heads after the song went viral on TikTok. That wasn't Jaasu's first bout of exposure, and surely won't be his last. If you consider yourself a fan of Rich The Kid, Famous Dex, SSGKobe, $not, Lancey Foux, Coi Leray, or Bankrol Hayden, then chances are, you've crossed paths with Jaasu's work.

Jaasu brings an unmatched energy into collaborations with recording artists and other producers. He's got his formula down-pat, and is just shining at this point of his career. Here's one of his hits with British rap phenom Lancey Foux:


This not only concludes our 12th edition of 137FM, but also this series as we know it.

Don't worry, that doesn't mean we're ending 137FM. We're just expanding it into a bigger concept, so we can more easily give you your fill of relevant music news and insight. So stay tuned, we've got some very exciting things up ahead.

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