Detroit’s Babyface Ray Embodies Hustle, Persistence, and the Grind

Michael Caloca/ONE37pm/Instagram

Stories of songs blowing up and artists emerging from obscurity to viral fame are rife in rap. However, it is much rarer to see reports of artists who have been making music in their local scene for years, getting better over time and achieving a level of consistency that forces everyone to be attentive. The days of anonymous, half-realized rap phenomena and demo tapes are over. Aside from the occasional viral superstar, the traditional way to build hype is to make a name for yourself, and that's what Detroit's Babyface Ray has been doing for the past decade.

Babyface Ray has been distributing lifestyle raps since 2010, making his presence felt in a crowded and talented scene in Detroit. Babyface Ray, 30, didn't know music would take him to this place when he was 23, but now he's being paid to rap.

Babyface Ray was born on February 7, 1991, as Marcellus Register on Detroit's Eastside. Babyface began selling burnt CDs as a teenager in his high school, eventually connecting with Peezy and a group of other local rappers who had created a sensation in Detroit and formed a local supergroup known as Team Eastside.

He left high school after joining the group to focus on music. Babyface, Dame, Lil P, Snoop, and the other group members came from the Eastside and helped usher in a new era of Detroit Rap, embracing the dark sound synonymous with the city. It was this style that led Babyface to be best known for his creative results and lifelike lyrics.

It wasn't easy for Babyface, though, as he has persisted in his craft for ten years. This perseverance helped Babyface appreciate and dedicate his music to the city that raised him: Detroit.

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