The 25 Best J. Cole Songs of All-Time

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When JAY-Z started up Roc Nation in the late 2000s, his intention was for it to be a label full of Pop artists. That was until he heard J. Cole’s music through a friend and business partner. Cole ended up being the first rapper signed to the label in February of 2009 and in the decade-plus since then, he’s built for himself one of the more successful careers in Hip-Hop history.

The Fayetteville rapper has 6 solo albums, 3 label albums, 3 mixtapes, and bundles of other projects like the Any Given Sundays, the Truly Yours trilogy, and more. We scoured his entire discography, loosies and all, to pick out his 25 best songs. Check them out below and let us know if you feel we missed anything out.

1. ‘03’ Adolescence’

2. ‘2Face’

3. ‘4 Your Eyez Only’

4. ‘a m a r I’

5. ‘Before I’m Gone’


7. ‘Can I Holla At Ya’

8. ‘Can I Live’

9. ‘Hold It Down’

10. ‘I Get Up’

11. ‘It Won’t Be Long’

12. ‘Lil Ghetto N*gga’

13. ‘Losing My Balance’

14. ‘Lost Ones’

15. ‘Love Yourz’

16. ‘Ni**az Know’

17. ‘Once An Addict (Interlude)’

18. ‘Premeditated Murder’

19. ‘Return Of Simba’

20. ‘Revenge Of The Dreamers’

21. ‘Runaway’

22. ‘Show Me Something’

23. ‘Song For The Ville’

24. ‘Too Deep For The Intro’

25. ‘Unabomber’

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