Best Travis Scott Songs: 42 Greatest La Flame Tracks

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Since debuting on the scene in 2012, Travis Scott has become one of music’s biggest superstars with loads of hit records under his belt. Nowadays, the best Travis Scott songs are some of the best tracks of the last decade.

Upon his arrival, Scott immediately received personal endorsements and praise from musical legends, including Kanye West and T.I., establishing him as a young artist on the rise. During this time, Scott released a variety of mixtapes, including Days Before Rodeo and the self-released Owl Pharaoh, which highlighted him as an artist to watch with a ton of potential.

In 2015, Scott dropped his first studio album entitled Rodeo. Distributed through Epic and T.I’s Grand Hustle Records, Rodeo received positive reviews from critics while also charting at number three on the U.S. Billboard 200.

His sophomore album Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight was also critically acclaimed, but it was his third album, Astroworld, that catapulted him into another level of success. Nearly a decade after his introduction to the hip-hop world, Scott has sold over 45 million records in the United States, receiving eight Grammy nominations for his work. His recent partnerships with brands such as McDonald's, Playstation, and Nike have gone on to further prove his star power. The rapper/businessman definitely has a wide range of classics in his music catalog, and at some point, the ‘greatest hits’ conversation has to come into play. In no particular order, this is a list of the 25 best Travis Scott songs that have been released to date.

42. "K-POP"



39. “Watch”

38. “pick up the phone”

37. “Yosemite”

36. “High Fashion”

35. “OUT WEST”

34. “Modern Slavery”

33. “Franchise”

32. “A-Team”

31. “Mafia”

30. “No feelings”

29. “GATTI”

28. “Animal”

27. “The Scott’s”

26. “Motorcycle Patches”

25. "Houstonfornication"

24. "Antidote"

23. "Don’t Play"

22. "Oh My Dis Side"

21. "Apple Pie"

20. "RaRa"

19. "Quintana"

18. "Upper Echelon"

17. "Skyfall"

16. "Drugs You Should Try It"

15. "Backyard"

14. "Mamacita"

13. "90210"

12. "Maria I’m Drunk"

11. "Pray 4 Love"

10. "Way Back"

9. "Goosebumps"

8. "Sweet Sweet"

7. "Skeletons"

6. "R.I.P. Screw"

5. "No Bystanders"

4. "Can’t Say"

3. "Stop Trying To Be God"

2. "Butterfly Effect"

1. "Stargazing"

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