Here Are The 25 Best Travis Scott Songs

We revisit some of the classics that made Cactus Jack into the masterful artist he is today

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Since his debut in 2012, Travis Scott has become one of music’s biggest superstars with loads of hit records under his belt. Upon his arrival, Scott immediately received personal endorsements and praise from musical legends, including Kanye West and T.I., establishing him as a young artist on the rise. During this time, Scott released a variety of mixtapes, including Days Before Rodeo and the self-released Owl Pharaoh, which highlighted him as an artist to watch with a ton of potential. In 2015, Scott dropped his first studio album entitled Rodeo. Distributed through Epic and T.I’s Grand Hustle Records, Rodeo received positive reviews from critics while also charting at number three on the U.S. Billboard 200.

His sophomore album Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight was also critically acclaimed, but it was his third album, Astroworld, that catapulted him into another level of success. Nearly a decade after his introduction to the hip-hop world, Scott has sold over 45 million records in the United States, receiving eight Grammy nominations for his work. His recent partnerships with brands such as McDonald's, Playstation, and Nike have gone on to further prove his star power. The rapper/businessman definitely has a wide range of classics in his music catalog, and at some point, the ‘greatest hits’ conversation has to come into play. In no particular order, this is a list of the 25 best Travis Scott songs that have been released to date.

1. ‘Houstonfornication’

A play on the 1999 Red Hot Chilli Peppers hit ‘Californication,’ Scott put his own spin on this track from Astroworld. The song is a tribute to his hometown city Houston and discusses the struggles of finding a balance between fame and normality. The fact that Scott recorded the single while literally staying in an Airbnb makes the song even more ‘fun’. The song was produced by FARRI, Wallis Lane, and Sevyn Thomas, and was one of the standout tracks on the album.

2. ‘Antidote'

Taking it back to 2015, ‘Antidote’ was one of the early tracks that helped establish Scott as a legitimate force in music. The backstory behind ‘Antidote’ is interesting as the song wasn’t originally supposed to be on the album in the first place. ‘Antidote’ first began receiving buzz after Scott’s 2015 JMBLYA set. The decision to include the song came as a surprise decision for his fans due to the record’s overall popularity and favorable reviews. ‘Antidote’ wound up peaking at number 16 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was certified quadruple platinum by the RIAA.

3. ‘Don’t Play’

Rewinding back to ‘O.G. Travis Scott,’ ‘Don’t Play’ is a single off his 2014 mixtape Days Before Rodeo. The song features Big Sean and samples the single ‘M.O.N.E.Y’ by the band The 1975. The record is a throwback to the rapper’s early days and highlights a young artist on the come up that is hungry for success. Big Sean adds to the track with his braggadocious puns and clever wordplay, giving the track some extra flavor. ‘Don’t Play’ remains a fan favorite in Scott’s collection.

4. ‘Oh My Dis Side’

Featuring longtime friend Quavo, Scott let us know exactly what side we should be on in this 2015 single from his album Rodeo. The track is actually a ‘two-part’ song, with Part One chronicling the many different struggles Scott faced as a young artist trying to make a name for himself. Part Two focuses on the nostalgia element of Scott coming up in Houston. The single has been praised for its depth and ‘haunting arrangement,’ with many considering the song to be one of Scott’s best. 

5. ‘Apple Pie’

Before Travis Scott had McDonald’s Apple Pies included as part of his brand deal with the company, the artist had an actual single called ‘Apple Pie.’  Just like McDonald’s pies, the song is a treat for music listeners. Described as one of the rapper’s “warmer” records, ‘Apple Pie’ was released in 2015. Not much is known about the song itself. The production information is limited, and there is no backstory as to the inspiration behind the single. Despite that, ‘Apple Pie’ remains one of Scott's ‘hidden gems,’ focusing on the theme of having to make his own way in life while not depending on others.

6. ‘RaRa’

Selecting which songs make the final cut of your album can be a difficult decision for an artist. The day after releasing his second album, Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight, Scott dropped this single as a bonus track for fans on his SoundCloud. ‘RaRa’ features Lil Uzi Vert. However, the song was unfinished (which is why it didn’t make the album). Despite the record not being completely done, fans and critics still described ‘RaRa’ as a banger. Hopefully, in the future, we can get the full version of this song.

7. ‘Quintana’

Going back to ‘mixtape Travis,’ ‘Quintana’ is a tale of a young woman capturing the interest of Scott while in Mexico. Released in 2013, the single features Wale, previewing what was to come from Scott in terms of lyrics and production. ‘Quintana’ was a track off Scott’s Owl Pharaoh mixtape, which was the artist’s first step into establishing creative control over his music.

8. ‘Upper Echelon’

Another cut from the Owl Pharaoh mixtape, ‘Upper Echelon’ is a banger featuring T.I. and 2Chainz. Unfortunately, not much is known about the background of ‘Upper Echelon,’ but the song itself was renowned for its music video. The video was directed by a then 21-year-old Travis Scott and could best be described as a club in the wilderness with a bit of danger lurking around the corner. The video gave a glimpse into the creativity that we would later see from the artist in terms of his music videos and performances, and it should be noted that ‘Upper Echelon’ was Scott’s first mainstream single with Grand Hustle Records.

9. ‘Skyfall’

Produced by Metro Boomin, ‘Skyfall’ is a 2016 collaboration with Young Thug. Released from his Days Before Rodeo mixtape, the song is one of the artist's darker songs complete with poignant lyrics and imagery. ‘Skyfall’ is actually the complete opposite of some of the lighter songs on the tape, spotlighting Scott’s range as an artist. The recording session with Scott and Metro was legendary and has amassed 5.4 million views on YouTube, also showcasing how the track was laid down before Young Thug was added. If you are looking to explore some of Travis Scott’s earlier work, then ‘Skyfall’ is an excellent place to start.

10. ‘Drugs You Should Try It’

Fun Fact: this song was actually supposed to be for Big Sean. A fan-favorite off Days Before Rodeo, ‘Drugs You Should Try It’ was originally produced for Sean Don but wound up on Scott’s mixtape unbeknownst to everybody on Sean’s team. While one might think that there were some hard feelings involved, Sean’s producer Charlie Handsome loved Scott’s take on the track. As for Big Sean himself, there were no hard feelings on his end either as Sean was of course featured on the lead single ‘Don’t Play.’

11. ‘Backyard’

The beauty of a mixtape is that it can showcase an artist at their purest form. For the most part, there isn’t a grand scale of production with a huge team of producers and writers, it’s just real. ‘Backyard’ is a track that focuses on Scott’s writing, rapping ability, and talent. While the song was released six years ago, the record still sounds fresh, with fans comparing Scott to a young Kendrick Lamar. Deemed an ‘unappreciated classic,’ ‘Backyard’ is Travis Scott at his finest. ‘Backyard 'was also sampled by Logic in his song ‘Stainless’ from his sophomore album The Incredible True Story.

12. ‘Mamacita’

Released as the second single from Days Before Rodeo, ‘Mamacita’ features Rich Homie Quan and Young Thug as a fun modern hip-hop record. The song is a festive mix of Houston and Atlanta and was also known for its rodeo-themed music video. To date, the ‘Mamacita’ video has received 96 million views on YouTube.

13. ‘90210’

Described as Scott’s favorite song from his 2015 Rodeo album, Scott dives into all things Beverly Hills on this record. Similar to ‘Oh Dis My Side,’ the song is a two-part track with Part One focusing on Scott’s rendezvous with a ‘porn star girl,’ and Part Two being a bit more self-reflective. Part two also samples Kanye West’s ‘Family Business’ from his classic College Dropout album. ‘90210’ was released as the fifth single from the album.

14. ‘Maria I’m Drunk’

Featuring Justin Bieber and Young Thug, ‘Maria I’m Drunk’ was released to streaming platforms in 2018 after a four-year delay. Originally recorded in 2014, the song had previously only been available for those who had downloaded the MP3 version of the Rodeo album. To this day, nobody has a clear answer as to why the song was largely unavailable. While there are plenty of rumors floating around, everybody can agree that ‘Maria I’m Drunk’ was worth the wait.

15. ‘Pray 4 Love’

History has shown that the results are pretty good when you mix a rapper and a singer together. This 2015 single by Travis Scott and The Weeknd was highly anticipated and gave the fans everything they asked for. ‘Pray 4 Love’ samples The Four Tops single ‘Ask the Lonely,’ and the song received nearly five million plays on YouTube alone. The two performed the single together in Houston for The Weeknd’s show at the Toyota Center.

16. ‘Way Back’

For this single, we have to take it all the ‘way back’ to 2016. The popular hit is probably most remembered for its highly entertaining music video, which featured Houston Rockets all-star James Harden. ‘Way Back’ deals with Scott still trying to adjust to his new-found fame while remaining true to himself and his core values. The song also features Scott’s longtime idol, Kid Cudi, with a sample of Jay-Z’s 2007 hit ‘Roc Boyz (And The Winner Is).’ Another fun fact; NBA superstar Stephen Curry was actually in the studio while Scott was recording ‘Way Back’ adding ‘Rockets versus Warriors’ showdown.

17. ‘Goosebumps’

A Travis Scott/Kendrick Lamar combo was something that had been long overdue. As mentioned earlier, some of Scott’s mixtapes had drawn comparisons to Lamar, and many fans felt that the two should join forces to create a classic. That is exactly what happened on the 2016 track ‘goosebumps.’ Written during a darker period in Scott’s life, the song features both Scott and Lamar detailing their feelings for a significant other. Fun Fact: The ‘Goosebumps’ video we are familiar with wasn’t the original one. The video had to be reshot, and Kendrick's clips were taken from the original because he couldn’t make the reshoot.  The video has received 575 million views on YouTube to date.

18. ‘Sweet Sweet’

Another ‘dark’ record off the Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight album, ‘sweet sweet’ chronicles the up and down nature of a strenuous relationship dominated by drug culture. Scott later revealed on Twitter that ‘sweet sweet’ was his favorite track off the Birds album. Many fans believe ‘sweet sweet’ to be one of Scott’s more underrated songs, and the record was later featured in NBA 2K19.

19. ‘Skeletons’

Featuring an all-star crew from Kevin Parker to Tame Impala, The Weeknd, and Pharrell, ‘Skeletons’ was another highly anticipated song from Scott’s 2018 Astroworld album. The single began drumming up interest on social media when pictures of Scott and Parker were leaked on Twitter in 2017. ‘Skeletons’ is rightfully considered one of the best songs on Astroworld and has since gone on to amass over 9 million views on YouTube.

20. ‘R.I.P. Screw’

Paying homage to Houston Hip-Hop legend D.J. Screw, the record is a tribute to Screw’s accomplishments during his illustrious career. D.J. Screw is widely credited with developing the ‘chopped ‘n’ screwed’ sound that has since become so popular (especially in the South), and passed unexpectedly in 2000 leaving the Houston scene devastated. Scott also salutes fellow Houston artists Big Moe, E.S.G., and Big Pokey as a way to further pay respects to the H-Town legends that came before him.

21. ‘No Bystanders’

Linking up with the late Juice WRLD and Sheck Wes, ‘No Bystanders’ is a fun track describing how the ‘party never ends.’ As entertaining as the song was, the record wound up drawing controversy for Scott’s use of the Three 6 Mafia single ‘Tear da Club Up ‘97.’ Scott ended up coming to a resolution with the group in court, and now fans can freely enjoy the song while also remembering the legacy of the great Juice WRLD.

22. ‘Can’t Say’

Collaborating with Don Tolliver in his first introduction to mainstream, ‘Can’t Say’ is a friendly tit for tat matchup between two Houston natives. In the song, Scott and Tolliver go back and forth comparing their experiences of pursuing women and getting high, and Tolliver would go on to perform the song with Scott every night on the Astroworld tour.  Furthering the Houston connection, ‘Can’t Say’ features a sample of Fat Pat’s verse from ‘25 Lighters.’ The single was produced by London Cyr and Wondagurl.

23. ‘Stop Trying To Be God’

In order to collaborate with Stevie Wonder, you’ve got to be special. In 2018, Scott pulled off the impossible by getting the legend to work with him on his record ‘Stop Trying To Be God.’ In addition to Stevie Wonder, the song also features Kid Cudi, James Blake, and Philip Bailey and emphasizes the important message for individuals to not have a ‘God complex.’ ‘Stop Trying To Be God’ was greeted with positive reviews, and the video has 64 million views to date.

24. ‘Butterfly Effect’

Selected as the lead single from Astroworld, ‘Butterfly Effect’ is the definition of peak Travis Scott. Ironically enough, this song was actually a throwaway from the album (along with ‘A Man’ and ‘Green & Purple’ featuring Playboi Carti). The concept behind ‘Butterfly Effect’ was simple; the small decisions we make in life can result in much larger effects. ‘Butterfly Effect’ was produced by Murda Beatz and Felix Leone, and later certified quadruple platinum by the RIAA selling 4 million units in the United States.

25. ‘Stargazing'

Debuting at number eight on the Billboard Hot 100, ‘Stargazing’ is the ultimate psychedelic experience. During the song, Scott pays a tribute to a number of historic figures including the late Kobe Bryant, DJ Moby, and another Houston great Big Mo. The song later went on to be certified platinum in the United States.

It’s always hard to narrow down a group of songs considered to be an artist’s ‘best.’ While there were plenty of other Travis Scott songs that could have made this list, these are the ones that we believed to be the Top 25 (at least as of now). One thing is for sure, Travis Scott continues to remain one of the biggest names in the music industry, and at just 28-years-old, more hits are certainly on the way for the young phenom.

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