Beyoncé’s "Renaissance" Is Everything We Expected and More

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Renaissance. Is. A. Flawless. Masterpiece. It’s rare that an artist is able to maintain the same level of sheer hype and anticipation that they had at the beginning of their careers, but here we are 25 years into Beyoncé’s career, and she’s better than ever.

It’s her Dangerously In Love vocals and harmonies evolved. It has the funk themes that she began to really experiment with during the B’Day era executed to the next level. It’s the mixture of the falling in love and “poppin yo ish” themes that we began seeing during her I Am Sasha Fierce era elevated.

Songs like “I’M THAT GIRL” and “COZY” let us know that Beyoncé is indeed “that girl,” and enjoying herself, her family, and the fruits of her labor.

“CHURCH GIRL” and “THIQUE” also give off “dip it, pop it, twerk it” vibes, and tracks like “AMERICA HAS A PROBLEM,” and “SUMMER RENAISSANCE” really highlight Bey’s genius when it comes to harmonies and background vocals. The album's opener "I'M THAT GIRL," is very much giving the 2022 edition of "Bow Down" and "Flawless."

"HEAT IT" and "MOVE are the classic bangers that we have to come to know and love from Beyoncé, with an sick production and a catchy chorus that instantly gets stuck in your head. "ENERGY" is the short bop that you wish was longer, similar to how Bey did us with 2007's "Kitty Kat" video (It's not too late Beyoncé). "PURE/HONEY" is yet another song from the album that show us just how dynamic of a vocalist Beyoncé is.

Bey really put her foot in this, and the past ten years are any indication of what else is to come combined with the photos we’ve seen thus far, the visuals are about to be insane. 

A Renaissance indeed. And this only Act I.

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