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Eladio Carrion is a Puerto Rican-born artist who demonstrates a consistent dedication to his craft, and it shows. Mike Boyd had a chance to sit down and talk with Eladio to discuss everything from the depth of his lyrics to manifesting a song with Bobby Shmurda, J Balvin, and Daddy Yankee.

In the interview, Eladio discusses constantly growing and developing special relationships with his fans through his music and social media. He elaborates on taking risks, choosing between being a leader or a follower, and what it means to innovate in the realm of art. Eladio has a very firm grasp on what his job is on this journey, and is very in tune with himself and his team.

Eladio Carrion also shows love to his producer, G.O. (G.O.K.B), who he credits with continuously helping him innovate. He explains how G.O. is a natural at creating vibes with multiple instruments, and is always keeping him on his toes musically. Artists who show this level of love to their producers are special, to say the least. To realize that the role of an artist is bigger than just yourself, and understanding the importance of other people in the process is crucial. Eladio comes off as a seasoned veteran in every way: musically, professionally, and in life in general. He's got a great grip on the music world, and clearly has a deep passion for art. It's refreshing to witness such a down-to-earth superstar like Eladio, and listening to his music is even more refreshing.

Eladio Carrion is far from your average artist. You've got to see this interview for yourself, it's a gem:

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