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Freddie Gibbs' net worth is a frequently discussed topic as of late, and for good reason. The rapper has come a very long way since his early days, and his personal wealth has only gone up since. Thanks to a culmination of thoughtful strategy and execution, he's run up quite an impressive amount of money. It's said that he's worth $3 million dollars, and today we'll be diving into how he came into this wealth.

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When it comes to discussing a recording artist's net worth, there are a few things to take into consideration: label deals, touring, brand deals, and other business ventures. There are plenty of other ways in which artists can make money, but we don't have the luxury of being privy to these details, so we'll keep it to what we can speak certainly of.

Freddie Gibbs has had multiple label deals, initially signing with Interscope Records in the early 2000's, right around the same time he started his career. His next signing would be CTE World, Young Jeezy's label, right after his appearance on XXL's 2010 Freshman list. After leaving Jeezy's label at the end of 2012, Freddie Gibbs went on to release his next album under his own label. He then went on a tear for the 2010's, creating some of his best music to date, which he'd then leverage for an even bigger label deal with RCA Records. After leaving RCA, he signed his biggest deal yet with Warner Records and has been a client there ever since.

Beyond the label deals, Freddie Gibbs' music has scored him quite a lot of money. His music has appeared in TV, movies, and even video games. Remember when his song "Still Livin" was included in GTA V? That's just one example of his music hitting new heights, but one can imagine just how lucrative that is. Additionally, Freddie Gibbs was nominated for a Grammy in 2021 for his album with the esteemed producer, The Alchemist, which was called Alfredo. He's dropped 9 studio albums to date, 5 of which have been solo albums (ESGN, Shadow of a Doubt, You Only Live 2wice, Freddie, $oul $old $eparately), and 4 collaborative albums (Piñata with Madlib, Fetti with Curren$y and The Alchemist, Bandana with Madlib, and Alfredo with The Alchemist).

For those who don't already know, touring is typically the biggest money-maker for artists, not including selling your masters - which is usually one of the last stops for an artist in their career. So, it's safe to say booking has some of the most influence in Freddie Gibbs' net worth. He's had 5 headlining tours to date: Shadow of a Doubt Tour (2016), You Only Live 2wice Tour (2017), Freddie Tour (2018), The Album of the Year Tour (2019), and the Space Rabbit Tour (2022), not counting the Independent Grind Tour from 2014, which he co-headlined with Tech N9ne. When you consider the amount of money made from touring, you have to consider the amount of money that's earned by merch. If done right, merch can be the biggest money maker from tour - more than tickets in certain venues. Considering the rest of Freddie Gibbs' business, it seems safe to assume that he's had merch down to a science since his early days headlining his own tour in 2016.

In addition to his music career, Freddie Gibbs' net worth has been strongly impacted by his acting career, which has blossomed more than ever lately. He's been featured in six noteworthy productions, which include Loiter Squad, Power Book IV: Force, and Down With The King, to name a few.

If we're going to discuss all the ways he's making money, it's only fair to discuss some of the ways he's spending money. Freddie Gibbs has two kids with two different women, which is sure to be a major expense for the popular rapper. Additionally, he's bet on himself at numerous points in his career, investing in his music career when labels were overcomplicating things for him.

Freddie Gibbs has come such a long way since his humble beginnings out of Gary, Indiana in the early 2000's. Bouncing from label to label, and even doing independent stints, he's maintained his creative control and his reputation for not giving a single damn about what people think. He balances that with a thoughtful approach to nurturing his growing fanbase, yet he always is being himself. It's proven to be a winning approach, making him a millionaire in the process. So once again, while we can't say for sure, it seems like $3 million is a safe estimate of Freddie Gibbs' net worth.

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