Fresco Trey Releases "Fresh Off a Heartbreak"

Michael Caloca/ONE37pm/Instagram

Fresco Trey, an artist hailing from Memphis, knows that so many things in the world can make us feel good or bad, but the best thing we can do is chase the good. Within his music, Fresco Trey tries to encapsulate nothing but happiness and feel-good energy while mentioning topics that may take a strike at the heart. 

Fresco Trey dropped his latest single, "Fresh Off a Heartbreak," and it does not disappoint. The beat behind the song is a relaxed and flirty, slow R&B jam produced by G.O.. Apparent within the title, Trey goes into detail about his most recent heartbreak, going into his battles and tribulations that come as a result. 

The song's memorable chorus and mesmerizing voice are just a few of the attributes that make this song incredibly catchy. Be sure to listen to it below! 

In April, he released a music video for "Luv Don't Live Here," a powerful video mixed with remarkable lyricism and story-telling, which you can watch below.

Fresco's career began in 2018 with the release of his debut single "Don't Make It Home." Since then, he has been perfecting his craft by releasing song after song, improving upon his impressive vocal and poetic impact. Trey's standout song "Feel Good" has received over one million streams on Spotify and over half a million views on the music video. The 2020 song summarizes exactly what Fresco offers in the music industry - catchy music and persistently good music. 

Tune in to the music video for "Feel Good" below!

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