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Say what you want about Future, but it’s abundantly clear that the Atlanta native is one of the kings of great features. 

The rapper/singer hybrid artist (whose real name is Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn) has crafted tons of bangers on his own and done a hell of a lot of fire features along the way. Whenever industry friends such as DJ Khaled, Drake, Lil Uzi Vert, and more pull up to give him a guest spot on their songs, greatness ensues. It’s about time we give Future his flowers and acknowledge his finest guest spots across 22 amazing tracks. 

Be sure to add these songs to your playlist so you can get all the more familiar with Future aka “Future Hendrix” aka “Future Pendergrass.”

1. ‘Bugatti’ with Ace Hood and Rick Ross

Once Future comes in with his foreboding chorus, the anticipation hits a fever pitch. He shouts out the Haitian and Jamaican massive before going crazy with the one line everyone remembers from this song. “I WOKE UP IN A NEW BUGATTI!” You can’t help but jump out of your seat (and possibly spill your drink on the club patron next to you) when Future’s chorus takes over the track.

2. ‘3500’ with Travis Scott and 2 Chainz

One of the more underrated hip-hop artist combinations is the one between Travis Scott and Future. Whenever they hop on a track together, their signature vocal deliveries flow together so well and compliment each other in the best way possible. On this track, Future glides in with a quick intro and returns, later on, to bless the track with one of his hardest (and lengthiest) verses.

3. ‘Grammys’ with Drake

What A Time to Be Alive clearly proves that Drake and Future are a match made in Trill Heaven. Future made sure to hop on Views to assist the Canadian superstar for some good old-fashioned bragging in lyrical form. His brief interlude provides a more hysterical moment, then he gets serious with a catchy chorus and an expectedly braggadocious verse. All the while, Future gets to shine with a beat switch-up that perfectly compliments him.

4. ‘All I Know’ with The Weeknd

It seems like the woman that The Weeknd is pursuing has heard about how he moves out in these streets. That’s why the sultry singer makes it his mission to ease her doubts. Future pops up here to here with a totally different mission statement, though. But it doesn’t take away from the song one bit - it provides a cool yin and yang moment between the two singers that work on the whole.

5. ‘Love Me’ with Lil Wayne and Drake

Future and Drake share chorus duties here, with Future doing most of the heavy lifting in that regard. He’s the very first voice you hear and catches your attention with some hella catchy lines that you’ll be singing at an ignorant volume before you know it. Of course, Future’s part helps you vibe out even more once you have a little “inspiration” and some good drank inside your system.

6. ‘Down for Life’ with PARTYNEXTDOOR, Travis Scott, Rick Ross, and Kodak Black

Future is always willing to hop on a DJ Khaled-produced posse track. With songs like this one, you’ll instantly recognize just how integral Future Hendrix is to Khaled’s most recent LPs. Future blessed this tough tune with its first verse and handles his duties well. Once Future gets out of his spelling bee bag at the beginning, he drops a few cool bars about finding a real one he’d spend it all for and protect at all times. You gotta appreciate the Hot Boyz bars he threw in here, too - “You better hope I don’t OD, I keep a chopper like BG/Young Money n***a no PG, slow it down for me like Juvie.”

7. ‘That Range Rover Came With Steps’ with Yo Gotti and DJ Khaled

Like the title says, it took a whole lotta work to cop the finer things in life for your favorite rap artists. Future got that point across quite well on this track as he drops some inspirational bars about everything it took to get to where he is now. Plus he made sure to speak on the many ills that come with having all that success and what he’s willing to do to put his haters to rest. Future rides this beat to infinity and beyond, fam.

8. ‘Die for Me’ with Post Malone and Halsey

Future is not to be trifled with in the love department. The same goes for Post Malone. On this track, they lament the broken promises delivered to them by that special lady they thought was “The One.” Future details his troublesome relationship with a woman via a heart-tugging verse, plus he also makes sure to offer his own flip of this song’s catchy ass chorus.

9. ‘New Level’ with A$AP Ferg

The hype levels for this banger are off the charts! You can let this thing ring off in any club across the world and everyone will turn the dancefloor into the biggest of mosh pits. Future’s inclusion here comes across as essential thanks to his immaculate shit-talking about leveling up to the max and calling out those fakers. “I just dipped and dabbed with the semi tucked/You on the red carpet surrounded by pop stars tryna act tough.” TELL EM, FUTURE!

10. ‘Don’t Judge Me’ with Ty Dolla $ign and Swae Lee

This R&B ode to not judging anyone by their cover shines thanks to the trio of superstars featured on it. Future gives this song a verse that describes his inebriated state and mentions an indecent proposal that he hopes to have fulfilled while he’s in it. His featured verse meshes so well with the song’s moody production even though it’s shorter than we would have liked it to be.

11. ‘Smoke Break’ with Chance The Rapper

This is one of Chance’s more underrated songs and it totally deserves way more plays thanks to its chill production & dope concept. Everyone can relate to not having much time to enjoy their old hobbies with their significant other once a baby comes into the picture. Future joins Chance here and offers a worthwhile verse that’s all about honoring his lady the best way he knows how. “Super ain’t saving no hoes” cause Future’s “tryna crown me a queen.” Priorities.

12. ‘holy terrain’ with FKA twigs

Is Future worthy enough of meeting FKA twigs’ high standards for a potential partner? After listening to him pour his heart out here and attempt to better himself, we think he has a shot. Both artists tell a heartfelt story here that’s easy to comprehend. This song in particular presents one of Future’s more “under the radar” classified verses. Future makes it abundantly clear that any woman that prays for his soul is clearly the right lady for him.

13. ‘Jump Out The Face’ with Meek Mill

Another artist that Future has developed amazing chemistry with is Philly’s own Meek Mill. Whenever they link up, it’s always a movie! On this banger, Future spends most of his time hustling to the max, stunting as hard as possible, and stealing a few of his foes’ “lady friends” along the way. Future’s work on this track’s bridge, chorus, and singular verse is worthy of a championship ring.

14. ‘Live Off My Closet’ with Lil Baby

Lil Baby has quickly morphed into one of the new generation's hottest rappers thanks to his non-stop flow. With Future by his side here, listeners are treated to an absolute neck breaker of a track. Future’s appearance is capped off by a verse that matches Baby’s ability to easily adjust to the cadence of any track he hops on. When these two get into some of that good old-fashioned “rich talk,” it sounds next level. We clearly need more collaborations from these two!

15. ‘Wassup’ with Lil Uzi Vert

Future and Lil Uzi Vert have hopped on a bunch of dope turn-up tracks with each other thus far. One of the best joint works is most definitely this one. Their heavy boasting here over an infectious beat is so live! “Everybody know I come from outer space/I got racks on me, you do not wanna race.” Future’s not tryna hear from any of you lil’ peons!

16. ‘Simple Things’ (Remix) with Miguel and Chris Brown

Miguel, Chris, Brown, and Future aren’t looking for someone famous to call their own. They just want a real one, obviously. You can’t fault them for that - keeping it simple in the relationship department as they live the lives of not-so-simple pop stars sounds like a win-win to us. Future’s verse on this remix describes his dream situation with that one special lady. After hearing it in full, it’s easy to recognize that he left this song with its very best segment.

17. ‘Happiness Over Everything (H.O.E.)’ with Jhené Aiko and Miguel

This song has such a super chill vibe. That’s usually the case with everything Jhené Aiko sends into the universe. Future’s contribution to this rooftop lounge track comes in the form of some fitting adlibs and a verse that’s all about his baby girl & the wild allegations thrown against him thus far. Future just wants you to leave the drama behind and embrace him - is that too much to ask?

18. ‘Ready’ with B.o.B

It may be hard to believe now, but there was a moment in time when B.o.B was one of the biggest Southern rap artists on the scene. During the height of his career, the Winston-Salem, North Carolina-born MC delivered a headbanger of a track that had Future adding that extra sense of excitement to the proceedings. Future’s chorus here is on par with the party-setting hype that he gave us on his feature alongside A$AP Ferg.

19. ‘Real Thing’ with Tory Lanez

Getting caught up in a love affair definitely complicates things. After experiencing all the drama that comes with that, all one would like to do is be with a real one and leave those days of infidelity behind. Future makes sure to get that point across on this track as he acknowledges messing around, leaving a troubled "situationship" behind, and linking up with a lady that’s not all over the timeline. “She don’t post, so I know she won’t expose me.” Gotta keep a lady like that one real close!

20. ‘Money Ain’t No Issue‘ with Meek Mill and Fabolous

Like the song title says, Meek Mill, Fabolous, and Future have no issue dropping a band or two wherever they go. This bass-heavy party track rings off in the club thanks to the combined efforts of all three MCs. Future keeps the wealthy vibes going on this banger with a memorable chorus and a verse that gives us all an inside look at the life of luxury. TURN UP!

21. ‘Way 2 Sexy’ with Drake and Young Thug

Sampling Right Said Fred's mega-hit "I'm Too Sexy" ended up being the right move to make for this Drake single. Even more great decisions were made once it was decided that Future and Young Thug needed to be on this track as well. Future's inclusion here results in a nice flip of Right Said Fred's iconic chorus, which means we get a whole lotta talk about being too sexy for your girl, your gang, that cap, etc.

22. ‘N 2 Deep’ with Drake

First off, the sample of "Get Throwed" for this song's first half is masterful. Secondly, Drake's mellow singing goes hand in hand with the production backing him up. And thirdly, Future makes good use of the mid-song beat flip. His quality verse is all about repping the finer things in life, showing off whenever he feels like it's appropriate, and letting everyone know that the ladies flock to him with relative ease.

23. ‘B*****s and Bottles (Let's Get It Started)’ with Lil Wayne and T.I.

DJ Khaled can always rely on Future whenever he needs a hook that can grab anyone's attention. While Lil Wayne and T.I. offer up some triumphant verses here, Future supports their efforts with a chorus that can convince anyone to become their most ratchet self at any shindig. The two B’s mentioned on this track can make any situation that much better and Future makes sure to remind us hereafter every verse.

24. ‘U.O.E.N.O.’ with Rocko and Rick Ross

Some of you may have forgotten just how big this song was when it originally dropped in 2013. The soundscape backing this track up is so wavy, plus the verse delivered by the song’s main artist Rocko matches its tempo to perfection. Then there’s Future, who voices the track’s clever title with precision and gives you the most memorable part that you can’t help but belt out every time it comes on.

25. ‘Snitching’ with Pop Smoke and Quavo

Atlanta and New York join together for a musical union on this track that truly shines. Future arrives here in rare form here as he comes correct with one of his hardest verses of all time. The braggadocious lines about his riches are all here and accounted for, of course. But he also makes sure to drop a few extra bars about the paid “defenders” he has on speed dial and just how powerful the “Woo” is & always will be. It doesn’t get any baller than this line right here, though - “I caught a wave on some Maison Margiela/Audemars, water, Beretta, vendetta.”

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