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“STRAIGHT UP!” “LA FLAME!” “IT’S LIT!” Ten times out of ten, those adlibs magnify the greatness of any song Travis Scott blesses with his signature vocals. It doesn’t matter if he chooses to switch up his vocal delivery via Autotune or go all-natural - the man that calls himself “LaFlame” or “Cactus Jack” brings so much to any artist’s song he chooses to assist. Travis has appeared on a ton of songs that feature a who’s who of current-day (and even past!) hip-hop royalty). He’s even dipped his toes into the booming genres of reggaeton, EDM, and R&B. There are 19 songs in particular that showcase Travis at his very best. We’ve just so happened to have compiled 19 of those tracks and we’re hoping you’re going to add them (or already have added) to your day-to-day playlist.

1. ‘Zeze’ with Kodak Black and Offset

When those Caribbean steel drums come over the loudspeakers and deliver that familiar riddim, you already know the club’s about to get thrown into a frenzy. As soon as this tune gets going, the first voice you hear is Travis’ and he comes through with a chorus that sticks with you forever. The way Travis slides over this party-friendly tune is masterful.

2. ‘Dark Knight Dummo’ with Trippe Redd

Travis joins fellow eccentric rapper Trippie Redd on this bass-heavy track to bring nothing but madness. Both of them sound like long-lost twins and can quickly convince any first-time listener that they should do more songs together. Travis meshes so well with the chaotic production of this tune with one of his game-winning Autotune verses.

3. ‘Top Floor’ with Gunna

Travis plays double duty here over this Gunna banger. The chorus delivery is top-notch (unsurprisingly) and he makes sure to drop off a verse that delves into his rewarding and sometimes toxic life as a superstar. The beat is hard and Travis makes sure to supply it with a chorus and a few bars to make it sound even harder.

4. ‘Let It Fly’ with Lil Wayne

You’d be forgiven for thinking this was a lost Travis album cut since he kicks off the record with a quick chorus that leads right into a super dope verse. But you’d be wrong in thinking so - this record actually belongs to Lil’ Wayne and is featured on Tha Carter V. It’s fitting that Travis calls himself “Mr. Michael Myers” on this track because he audibly murders this track with Weezy F. Baby in tow.

5. ‘Rerun’ with Quavo

If there’s a wavy beat in his midst, Travis will most likely step on to ride it and deliver his unmistakable vibe. This song is the perfect embodiment of that approach and features Travis & Quavo working in tandem. This collaboration comes off well and has the ability to transport listeners somewhere extra high above the clouds.

6. ‘Go Legend’ with Big Sean

Metro Boomin provided one of his hardest beats to the Detroit legend that is Big Sean for this one. You know it’s going to be a classic as soon as that Diana Ross voice sample seeps through your headphones. Travis makes an appearance here with a celebratory chorus that’s simple and catchy as all hell. “We go legend, we go legend (Yeah, yeah).”

7. ‘Power is Power’ with The Weeknd and SZA

The power trio of the Weeknd, SZA, and Travis worked like a charm for this Game of Thrones-themed anthem. After the first two artists deliver their verses, Travis steps in to provide one of his own. And thankfully, he matches the immense star power and quality of his two contemporaries. “Who’s hotter? Been a monster with a crown.” Travis’ royal delivery shines bright here.

8. ‘Big Shot’ with Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar and Travis join forces on this track to describe all the incredible benefits that come with being recognizable ballers. K. Dot kills it as always and Travis makes sure to not get shown up by adding a fire verse. The shoutout to Pimp C and the whole bar about him “runnin’ through these waves like I’m Moses” stands out in the best ways possible. Wakanda Forever, indeed.

9. ‘4 AM’ with 2 Chainz

These two Southern rap idols have a long history together due to their time spent together as members of G.O.O.D. Music. Plus they did some work together during Travis’ rise to superstardom alongside Grand Hustle Entertainment. This super chill track comes with your usual braggadocious 2 Chainz verse and one of those super catchy Travis choruses. It’s easy to catch yourself singing said verse at an ignorantly loud volume at the exact time this record is titled after.

10. ‘Champions’ with Kanye West, 2 Chainz, Big Sean, Quavo, Gucci Mane, Yo Gotti, and Desiigner

Yeezy is known for featuring a massive amalgamation of artists on his arena-worthy singles. In the case of this song, Kanye West linked up with the best of the South to spit some championship-worthy bars as if he and his team just won the NBA Finals. Travis’ inclusion here sees him proudly describing dead presidents getting thrown up into the air and his winning team’s ownership of the city. Travis’ chorus is the glue that holds this all-star team effort together.

11. ‘Sin City’ with John Legend, Teyana Taylor, CyHi Da Prynce, and Malik Yusef

The entire concept around this song is easy to comprehend - in order to move higher up the ladder, one must commit a series of obscene acts in order to ascend in the song’s fictional city. Hence the name “Sin City.” Travis kicks things off wonderfully on this track by describing the ills and decadence derived by drunken nights, breaking the speed limit, and dark thoughts.

12. ‘Heavy Camp’ with Blac Youngsta

This one’s most certainly for the clique. Before Blac Youngsta recounts his days of everyone doubting his future successes, Travis starts it all off with one of his trademark choruses. And once he’s done setting the right vibes, he pops up from time to time to keep the ball rolling with some super chill ad-libs and a cool pre-chorus to boot.

13. ‘Uber Everywhere’ (Remix) with Madeintyo

“Uber Everywhere” was already a strong bop on its very own. Then the remix graced everyone’s ears and convinced them all that Travis should have been on the original from the jump. The way he slides onto this track so smoothly is masterful and his verse goes hand in hand with the rich boy talk Madeintyo does so well. You can’t help but blurt out the entirety of Travis’ verse alongside all those yeah’s.

14. ‘Sky Walker’ with Miguel

Travis is a chameleon. The man can hop onto any song at any tempo and not feel out of place. On this mellow R&B gem from Miguel, Travis joins in on all the party time fun by blessing it with a fitting verse. He basks in his greatness, sends shots at his detractors, and enjoys all the wild moments that come with being a superstar.

15. ‘Ghostface Killers’ with 21 Savage and Offset

21 Savage, Offset, and Travis are not to be trifled with. That message comes across loud and clear thanks to the extra hard bars delivered here and the neck-breaking beat backing them all up. Travis talks his shit and makes it sound so good from start to finish. “Ride suicides, we keep this shit alive (Yeah!).” Straight up indeed. 

16. ‘Portland’ with Drake and Quavo

There’s just something about a beat that’s adorned with a graceful flute rhythm that gives us life. That’s the case with “Portland,” which is one of Drake’s more underrated tracks. The boy Drizzy and Quavo set the stage, which paves the way for Travis to step in and arrive with a sick bridge & a fire verse. We lose our minds at this part every time - “Flood my Rollie, told my bitch: ‘Let’s go snorkelin’!’ (Yeah)/Out in Portland, tryna get in her organs (Yeah).”

17. ‘Hot’ (Remix) with Young Thug and Gunna

Young Thug, Gunna, and Travis first made musical magic together on “Floyd Mayweather.” But their second group effort stands as their finest trio work to date. “Hot” already slapped and managed to slap even harder once Travis showed up to raise the temperature. Travis raps for longer than expected on here and doesn’t waste any of the extra time afforded to him. These three are definitely “hot like the 504 Boyz.”

18. ‘TKN’ with ROSALÍA

Shout out to the Bilingual God Travis! When you want to talk about someone that clearly understood the assignment, it’s that guy. This reggaeton infused tune gets the body moving thanks to its dance club-ready production. ROSALÍA handles much of the heavy work on this track, while Travis comes with an assist in the form of his own Spanish callouts and short & sweet verse.

19. ‘Love Galore’ with SZA

Who knew SZA and Travis would sound so good together? We were just as shocked as everyone else when this song first dropped and ended up being such a comfortable listen. Travis comes with his ad-libs, but also makes sure to start this song off with his lowkey vocal delivery and a worthwhile verse.

20. ‘Out For The Night Pt 2’ with 21 Savage

For this song sequel, 21 Savage brings Travis onboard to wax poetics about a special lady. Once Travis gets a chance to spit a few bars, he makes sure to compliment the beat switch before he also speaks on his lit lifestyle. This is a song of two parts that allows both 21 and Travis to shine in their chosen element.

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