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Iamdoechii, also known as Doechii, is a Tampa-born, Los Angeles-based, artist known for clever rhymes, a hybrid style, and catchy songs. You can hear this on nearly any song that you decide to listen to by the fledgling artist. These factors have contributed to Doechii's success so far, but she is not even close to reaching the peak yet. 

We've previously covered Doechii a few times on ONE37pm. Back in April 2021, Doechii sat down with Mike Boyd of the Monday To Monday podcast. They talked about her release at the time, spirituality, and more. Additionally, ONE37pm covered Doechii's early signs of success in September. Be sure to tune in below! 


Doechii's first release was back in 2018 with "Girls," a song that features many different elements that set her apart. In the music, you can hear a chorus filled with singing, harmonies, and vocal fillers, and on the verses, Doechii switches up her flow to more of a hip hop feel. With more and more artists being more versatile, Doechii stands out because her transitions are near seamless. This track’s title is also relevant to Doechii currently, as she supports a great deal of other emerging women artists such as Yung Baby Tate and TiaCorine. 

Doechii lets her personality shine on her second track, "Spookie Coochie." The song opens up with a comical introduction from Doechii, then follows it up by Doechii snapping, delivering nothing but fire rhymes bar after bar. The song is an empowerment anthem, to say the least, and the fans agree. Comments on the song include, "Someone go grab the defibrillator... I need to be revived from this," and "I can't stop replaying this omfg I'm in love," among the more popular comments. 

She then followed these initial releases with her debut project Coven Music Session, Vol. 1. The nine-track project has a run time of around fourteen minutes. This project plays with a lot of live sounds to convey a natural feeling. Songs like "Body Offer" and "Doechii 101" provide upbeat, catchy moments and make the listener want to replay the tracks. If you've never heard these songs from Doechii, tune in now and listen to a different side of Doechii with the organic and intimate vocals. 

In 2020, Doechii released her EP Oh The Places You'll Go, a seven-track EP filled with Doechii's future and spirituality themes through mystical soundscapes. On the project's opening track is a spoken-word introduction setting up the project's theme, tying everything back to the project's title. Her song "Something Real" starts with a highly catchy melody, suited with a groovy bassline. Doechii then comes on the track with soul-filling vocals. This song is a must-listen if you're unfamiliar with Doechii.

Furthermore, Doechii even offers a distinctive track with "What's Your Name?," with an exciting melody with a repeating one-hit sample edited to fit. Although the tune is unique, Doechii does a terrific job of making a full track. Then, as the beat drops, she delivers a fast rap flow showing how talented she truly is.

On Doechii’s EP, she frequently referenced the 1992 book The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. “I read the book, did all the weeks, and it was basically a creative recovery course for those that don’t know. I felt like I was stuck in a rut creatively and used this book to help me get through it,” said Doechii to Mike Boyd on the Monday To Monday podcast. 

Doechii put herself on the map with her 2020 single "Yucky Blucky Fruitcake," also on the project mentioned above. A significant contributor to the success was how it performed on TikTok. The sound has over 750,000 videos created using Doechii's song. This was due to the trend based around the lyrics "why don't you introduce yourself to the class," where the trend shoes an old photo of somebody from years ago. Then, on the drop with the lyrics "Hi, my name is Doechii," it shows their 'glow up.' This trend helped Doechii accumulate over one hundred million listens via the TikTok trend and over thirty million streams on Spotify. Additionally, the music video received over two million views! Tune into the music video below! 

If you aren’t familiar with Doechii, you need to keep an eye out for her because there is a lot to know about this swiss army knife of an artist. In case you didn’t know, Doechii also loves directing videos, and she plays a major role in her video creations. While she currently directs her own music videos, she’s looking to expand to other facets of directing. 

Doechii is working on putting together her upcoming album, and we are confident that it will not disappoint. This is coming off her latest EP, Bra-Less, and a feature on Isaiah Rashad's album The House is Burning on the track "Wat U Sed." So be sure to check out Doechii and keep her on your playlists, as she is destined to be a star.

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