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Atlanta, Georgia, is known for its robust culture, history, and particularly the musicians from The A. Among the artists that come out of the city are only matched by major metropolitan areas such as New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles. Still, the stories and perseverance from Hotlanta have created some of the most prominent artists of the 21st century. 

Hailing from Monroe, Georgia, one hour east of Atlanta, is Tom The Mail Man. Born Sean Brown, the 23-year-old artist is a rising star looking to make an impact with his novel and personable style. We’ve briefly covered Tom’s rise as a budding artist back in September, so if you haven’t read it yet, be sure to check it out below!


While Tom has begun to see success primarily through his work in the past two years, he has been working on his music career for more than half a decade. Six years ago, Tom put out his first song on Soundcloud entitled “2am Thoughts.” Compared to his current discography, listening to this song shows the impressive growth that Tom has had as an artist and lyricist. 

For the next two years, Tom would continue to release countless singles on Soundcloud, including “Unwanted,” “Fake Faces,” and “The Life Of A Sap.” In 2017, he released “Cursed3DGirls,” which saw Tom’s first signs that music was his calling. While the style is different from what he releases today, you can still hear in this song within his delivery, annunciations, and overall theme. He even released a music video for the song, producing it himself inside of his room and all around his house. Please give it a listen on Soundcloud below! 

In 2018, Tom continued to build momentum around his music with more singles and his EP Heartless Romantic . The song “KID,” a song that currently sits as Tom’s first release on Spotify, shows off his versatility as an artist. This display of his talents is thanks to his singing abilities and making the listener feel similar emotions. Tom also released a music video for this song, which is has passed two-hundred thousand views on YouTube. 

Later in 2018, Tom would release his most popular song to date, “My Storm,” but it didn’t begin to gain traction until 2019. The song’s intimate story and catchy lyrics helped him elevate as a serious artist coming out of Atlanta. In July 2019, he released the music video, which is close to hitting half a million views. If you haven’t heard this song or seen the music video, be sure to tune in below! 

Later on in 2019, following several single releases, Tom released Yuki Onna, a five-track EP named after a spirit often portrayed in Japanese folklore and television. In this EP, you can hear a more experimental side of Tom, which only proves that he is always looking to evolve and grow as an artist. In the songs “​​Letter To The Ice Princess” and “Oyuki’s Secret,” you can hear Tom putting melody and meaning before anything else. However, even in “It Takes Time//The City,” Tom still shows that just because he is assessing a new sound doesn’t mean he lost his rhyming and lyrical abilities. 

Following this EP, Tom released his next substantial single that contributed to his growth with “Traveling Alone.” Since the song’s release, it has accumulated nearly eight million streams. This is due to the relatability of Tom’s story over a melodic guitar and rhythmic percussion. The song has one fan commenting, “mailman always delivers,” on his music video. Be sure to watch it below! 

More recently, in 2021, Tom released his album Sometimes Sorry Isn’t Enough, a twelve-track culmination of new, developed sounds and loads of energy. One overarching theme that can be heard across the album is a new style of emo and punk-rock within the hip-hop scene. The album opens with “Stop Playing Victim,” a rock-heavy track that contains an authentic drum kit as the underlying percussion. An electric guitar compliments this percussion and his vocals. 

Then comes the track “Taking Over,” one of the most popular tracks on the album. Like the previous song, the melody is heavily assembled by the electric guitar in the production. Again, Tom provides his smooth and natural vocals that slide alongside the guitar. The track is about to pass five million streams on Spotify soon, so be sure to tune in! 

Additionally, on the track “Faceless,” Tom selects a beat that combines elements of Reggaeton and trap, a distinctive and intelligent choice by him that sets him apart from other artists from Atlanta. He sings his song “Sober” over a pop-rock beat filled with harmonies all across the audio spectrum, putting his wide range on a pedestal. Even his piece “Bad Hoe” has an upbeat backing that is contrasting with his vivid lyrics. Tom’s selection of the production and his ability to maneuver on each track with different elements is all the more impressive, considering how relatively new he is. This is evidence that Tom is a force to be reckoned with and has a bright future.

On social media and within his community networks, Tom has been promoting and teasing his upcoming project Sunset Visionary, Vol. 2, which is expected to be released in 2022. We can expect more diverse and distinct music coming from him in the future. So be sure you keep an eye out for him in 2022! If you like what you hear from the artist, be sure to join his Discord server, TheDeliveryCrew, full of creatvies, artists, and fans of his music!

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