How Lulú Gained Over 100k Followers on TikTok

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On this episode of Monday To Monday, Mike Boyd Jr is joined by Lulú, one of his favorite emerging artists hailing from Monterrey, Mexico. They talk about her success on TikTok, how she got signed, and her love for fashion. They even talk about her creative process and, more specifically, her mindset when creating a song. So tune in to hear this insightful episode!

Boyd and Lulú kick off the conversation with Boyd, asking her about her release, “911,” which Boyd noted that he enjoys. She explains that this song is a culmination of what she has been developing for a long time. She further states that her listeners pointed out this change of sound as well. 

Following that conversation, Boyd and Lulú talk about how she approaches the creation of her music. She says that she wants people never to feel alone when listening to her music. She talks about how she felt alone as a kid, but the music was always there for her. This same feeling inspired Lulú to inspire her to create and develop the style of music we hear today. Tune in below! 

Further talking about what this song means to her and her lyrics, Boyd shifts the conversation to her fashion. Something that you may not know about Lulú is that she went to fashion school, and she explains that with Boyd. She notes that she loves fashion and goes to school for it, but didn’t finish school to take a break from school and focus on music. She further says that she gave everything to music, and her family supported her along the way. 

Talking about her roots next, Boyd then asks how she got signed to Slowly. Lulú said that she met Adrian Benavides, her producer, and manager, at a Halloween party. She then introduced herself, with Adrian asking her to show him some of her music. They then hopped on a call later on to discuss her career and goals. She then met him at a studio to record “Mente En Blanco” and signed with Slowly at the beginning of 2021. 

Boyd then asks about Lulú’s TikTok and how she has gained over one hundred thousand followers on the platform. Lulú says that she combined her love for fashion, makeup, and music and combined those elements, and the fans love it. She is best known for her covers on the platform with electric makeup and fashion choices that make her stand out. Watch one below! 

This is an excellent conversation with a multi-faceted artist who is poised to see a lot of growth. If you are unfamiliar with the budding artist, be sure to check out the podcast and give a listen to her music! Additionally, check out her TikToks to see how you can leverage your passions into the creative space! 

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