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NFTs are becoming increasingly popular in the world of music. One company at the forefront of the Web3 music revolution is is a platform that allows users to create NFT music videos, adding to the depth of the artist-fan relationship. The company has already partnered with prominent artists like Timabland and A$AP Twelvyy, and it is quickly gaining traction in the music industry.

NFT music videos offer a new way for artists to monetize their work, and they also provide fans with a unique way to collect and trade their favorite releases from artists. is leading the charge in the NFT space, and it is poised to revolutionize the music industry.

Last month, I connected with Hass Irv and co-founder Dayo Adeosun at the VaynerMedia office in New York City. I knew the two had worked together (after seeing Hass' drops on Glass), but I never knew just how special their relationship's story was.

The Story

Just like many other NYC residents, Dayo was no stranger to Hass Irv. He'd seen Hass all over social media, heard his impressive releases, and like many others, loved everything about it all.

So, when Dayo was walking around downtown and stumbled upon Hass, the stage was already set for them to have a substantial relationship.

Hass Irv is a showman. It's more than music, it's more than fashion, it's more than his electrifying performances in person. It's the combination of it all. As you may assume by now, when Dayo crossed paths with Hass that day, Hass was making a scene (in a good way).

Hass was posted up in a nice car blasting his music so loud that the whole street could hear. Normally when this happens, you might notice people getting fed up by the obnoxious volume, wishing that people can just keep to themselves a bit more. That was the exact opposite of what happened on that day: as Hass' music blared from the speakers, people weren't fed up -- they were loving it.

As people were vibing out to the latest from Hass, Dayo felt it was an absolute must to introduce himself.

The rest is history. 275854845 988897145067409 532960843611714954 n

In the time since, they've dropped two NFT music videos together: a GTA-themed video for Hass' Cash Cobain-produced hit "BAD," and "Red Rum."

It's safe to expect more from Hass Irv and It seems as if they're just getting started.

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