GRIP Hits The Road For His 2022 Tour

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Following the success of his 2021 album, I Died For This!?, GRIP is preparing to hit the road with fellow Atlanta artists. Beginning on February 24th, the seven-show tour will hit New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Washington D.C., to name a few. Wiley From Atlanta and Marco Plus are joining him on tour, emerging artists also hailing from A-Town. 

If you are unfamiliar with GRIP, Mike Boyd Jr of the Monday To Monday podcast interviewed the budding artist back in August. They talk about his album, his writing process, and more. He even dives into how he got signed to Eminem and a funny story that he told about Eminem's signature blonde hair. This is one of the most popular episodes to date, so you won't want to miss out! 

GRIP, real name Kyle Clow, is a rapper, songwriter, and artist from Decatur, Georgia, northeast Atlanta. He had a big year in 2021, receiving a co-sign from Eminem to his Shady Records and releasing his album I Died For This!? The song's sixteen-song tracklist features Eminem, Royce Da 5'9", Dead Cassettes, and many more. He even headlined his first show in his hometown of Atlanta at Aisle 5 back in September. 
Over two weeks ago, he released his I Died For This!? Tour announcement on Instagram. He is being joined by fellow Atlanta artists Marco Plus and Wiley From Atlanta. Both offer versatile flows and lyricism, making this a must-see show if you enjoy any of their music. At the show, we're sure we can expect hits from his album like "IDFT!?," and other songs like "No Más!," and "Chicken N Dumplins." Be sure to check out the eye-catching poster below to see if they're coming to your city this winter!

If you listen to GRIP's music, you know that he takes his rhymes and lyricism very seriously. That's what makes having Marco Plus and Wiley From Atlanta perfect openers for this leg of shows. If you are familiar with Atlanta music or know Marco, you know that he is a lyricist at heart. He doesn't write down his lyrics because he lets his soothing beat selection take over as he erupts relatable lyrics about life and the grind. In addition, Wiley should not be slept on either. His authentic storytelling and euphoric beat selections. 

Marco is an emerging artist who recently released his new album tha souf got sum 2 say, a nineteen-track project, Marco's longest project to date. On the project, songs like "lately" and "neva bend + som of sam" shine through with his confident demeanor. His rhyme schemes even caught the attention of Spited, showing off his lyrical abilities. Be sure to check out how he crafts his lyrics and flows below. 

Like GRIP, we had Marco Plus on the Monday To Monday podcast. Boyd and Marco talk about his new album, Marco's creation process, and the inspiration behind the attention-grabbing cover art in the episode. Additionally, Boyd details how Marco always demands attention with his delivery and beat selection. So tune in below to hear what the "souf" has to say on this episode of Monday to Monday!

Wiley From Atlanta is bringing a new wave of music with his distinct trap and R&B style. This is partly due to his sample selection, slow-jam beats, and fresh vocal delivery. His style resonates with his listeners, as he has captured millions of streams and almost three hundred thousand monthly listeners. His song "Pink Skies (Demo)" is his most popular, with over thirteen million streams. Be sure to check out Wiley's music below! 

If you're into emerging hip-hop that places a large emphasis on meaningful lyrics and rhymes, this will be a tour that you won't want to miss. Tickets are starting around $15, and we expect them to increase as venues sell out. So be sure to check out their music and catch them on the road! 

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