Jae Skeese Explains His Newest Album, 'Abolished Uncertainties'

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ONE37pm / Drumwork Music Group

Last month, we met up with Jae Skeese at the ONE37pm office to discuss his two newest projects, Pain Provided Profit and Abolished Uncertainties.

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In early March, Jae Skeese dropped off Pain Provided Profit alongside Conway the Machine, and little did fans know, he was just getting warmed up. This seven-song project was jam-packed with quality, and set the stage perfectly for Jae's next move: dropping his solo project Abolished Uncertainties in the same month.

'Abolished Uncertainties' isn't a project, it's THE project.

- Jae Skeese

Although he set the bar high with Pain Provided Profit, Jae Skeese still managed to find a way to surpass it with Abolished Uncertainties. Starting with his lead single, "Bonneville," it was clear from the start that he wasn't playing around with this one.

In our interview, Jae Skeese answered every question we had about the two projects, and gave us even more insight than we expected. He told us about his Buffalo roots, growing alongside of the city's collective of dedicated creatives: Griselda, DntWatchTV, Hidji, and more. As it turns out, Jae Skeese had an early start in the hip-hop game, and has kept applying pressure ever since. From his earliest days rapping into speakers with his close friends, to touring the world with Conway the Machine, it's safe to say he's come a very long way.

In addition to filling us in on his roots, Jae Skeese also elaborated on his love for painting, and art in general. It became abundantly clear just how seriously he takes his craft and all the creativity surrounding it. Beyond that, we learned about plenty more, including his Mount Rushmore of NYC rappers.

After our discussion, one thing is for certain: Jae is going places. Pay close attention to the rising star as he keeps adding more and more notches to his belt.

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