20 Best Frank Ocean Songs and Features

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Great Frank Ocean songs are a dime a dozen, but still it's worth trying to discern which ones are the best of the best. We took the liberty to break it down for you guys. As his supposed Coachella performance is only a month away, there's no better time than now to talk about it. Here are 20 Frank Ocean songs (and features) that make us want a new album ASAP.

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20. "RAF"

In one of Frank Ocean's best rap performances, his feature on "RAF" showed listeners a whole different side of his ability. It is insane to listen to his verse and acknowledge that it's Frank rapping the way he is.

19. "Slide"

Slide took over the airwaves back in 2017 when Calvin Harris' Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1 dropped, which had Frank Ocean deliver an incredible hook alongside the Migos. What an absolute classic.

18. "Purity"

On A$AP Rocky's 2018 project, TESTING, Frank Ocean played an essential role as a feature artist on the song "Purity," and it proved to be one of the top tracks on the project.

17. "Comme des Garçons"

In a YouTube leak that came a couple years back, "Comme des Garçons" proved to be a fan-favorite of Frank's unreleased music, and thus scored itself the number seventeen spot on our list of the 25 best Frank Ocean songs.

16. "She"

Back in 2011, Tyler, The Creator dropped his album Goblin, which proved to be a major success. The song "She" featuring Frank Ocean ended up being arguably the most highly regarded song on the album.

15. "Pink Matter"

Now that we've moved onto Frank's solo released music, it's gonna be tough discerning the proper order. Regardless, we've got "Pink Matter" at the number 15 spot on our list, which was an absolute gem of a collaboration between Frank and André 3000.

14. "Super Rich Kids"

Next up on our list of the best Frank Ocean songs is "Super Rich Kids," which exemplified the top-tier lyrics and melodies that Frank Ocean fans subscribe to.

13. "Nikes"

"Nikes" is yet another Frank Ocean classic, one which has stood the test of time. To this day, it's hard to not keep it on repeat after it's played once.

12. "Provider"

"Provider" is next up on our list, and for good reason. The song is a top contender, while its competition is expansive. Frank Ocean has an unrivaled catalog of hit after hit.

11. "Self Control"

"Self Control" is yet another classic amongst the Frank Ocean songs that's made him the highly regarded figure in music that he is today. Who could argue the need for this timeless track on our list?

10. "White Ferrari"

Now that we've gotten into the top ten section of our list of the best Frank Ocean songs, it's gonna get super competitive, so do your best to keep your feelings in check. "White Ferrari" graces the number ten spot, and it is a fitting selection for this hit.

9. "In My Room"

At the number nine spot is Frank Ocean's song "In My Room." This song is another perfect example of exactly why listeners love Frank as passionately as they do. The production and vocal delivery together is one of the best examples of what makes him such a prolific artist.

8. "Ivy"

"Ivy" is a top track on Frank Ocean's Blond album, and that's really saying a lot if you're familiar with the classic selection of seventeen songs. It's the second-most streamed song off of the project, only behind "Pink + White."

7. "Nights"

"Nights" is yet another timeless song off of Frank Ocean's Blond album, and from the production to the vocal delivery, it's impossible to hate on it. Talk about a substantial song.

6. "Lost"

"Lost" from Frank Ocean's Channel Orange album gave listeners a funkier, more indie feel than what they were accustomed to, but that only made it more special in their eyes.

5. "Pink + White"

Like we mentioned earlier, "Pink + White" is the most-streamed song off of Frank Ocean's Blond album, with nearly 700 million streams to date, and that's just on Spotify alone. Imagine what the numbers look like across all platforms.

4. "Thinkin Bout You"

"Thinkin Bout You" is one of those songs that everybody knows the lyrics to, whether they want to admit it or not. Frank Ocean fan or not, you're lying if you act like you can't sing along across all three minutes and twenty seconds.

3. "Pyramids"

"Pyramids" features some of the coolest production you'll find on any Frank Ocean track, which is quite the accomplishment considering just how amazing his selection of production is across all of his music.

2. "Chanel"

"Chanel" features one of the most memorable Frank Ocean bars ever, which alludes to "C-ing both sides like Chanel." This was a potent reminder of just how talented of a lyricist Frank Ocean is, and it will live on for ages to come.

1. "Novacane"

At the number one spot on our list of the best Frank Ocean songs and features, we've got "Novacane," which is a worthy selection, though it hurts to pick over the rest of his vast catalog of impressive works. In 2011, he really shook things up with this release, and continued to set the stage for a long-lasting career with one of the most dedicated fanbases in the world.

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