Introducing Photographer Garrett Bruce and His Unmistakable Work

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Garrett Bruce

Earlier this month, Garrett Bruce stopped by the ONE37pm office to discuss his start with photography, latest work, and much more. Garrett has photographed some of the most famous recording artists in the world (like Uzi and Carti), though his work doesn't stop there. Garrett's worked with Spotify, Moncler, MSCHF, and other brands - and he isn't slowing down whatsoever. We took a deep dive into everything Garrett Bruce, and learned a lot about one of the best photographers around.

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Just days before connecting at the office in New York City, Garrett Bruce was working on a shoot for MSCHF with Sara Snyder. You've likely seen the photos somewhere online, as they blew up shortly after going live.

More important to understanding Garrett than the notable people who he photographs - are the principles that have guided him to success. He spoke on optimism, his genuine interest in community, the continued evolution of his craft, as well as naturally keeping a healthy competitive spirit.

I love using other people for motivation and inspiration. I also love seeing really quality work. It pushes not only me, but everyone else taking photos, to keep building and perfecting their craft.

- Garrett Bruce

Did we mention he's got a book out? It features some of his best work, and each page is likely an artist you know. It's been just another major milestone in his storied career, and the story continues.

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