Londynn B on How Cardi B and Netflix Changed Her Life Overnight

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How quickly can a life change? If you’re Atlanta flame spitter Londynn B, all it takes is three weeks of being one of the shining stars on Rhythm + Flow, Netflix’s first rap music competition show. After being judged by the likes of Big Boi from OutKast, Quavo of Migos, as well as the central panel of judges—Chance the Rapper, Cardi B and T.I.—Londynn ended the season in third place out of hundreds of contestants from around America.

She stands statuesquely tall with her patented Black and blonde tower of hair and powerful flow demanding your attention. Londynn is also beginning to garner the numbers to back up her stardom. Her performance of “Only One” from Rhythm + Flow already has more than 830,000 views on Netflix’s YouTube account since being uploaded on Oct. 30. Compared to the 58,000 views accumulated by Netflix’s YouTube video of Cardi B captioning Instagram photos since Oct. 16, you can see Londynn is on the verge of going viral. That’s enough to change a life. 

“It definitely happened overnight, because it went from going to the supermarket to now everybody knows you’re in the supermarket,” Londynn B told ONE37pm.

ONE37pm spoke with Londynn B before her New York City performance at SOBs for her Sounds of Lyfe & SOBS performances about how Cardi B has helped her career on and off the show, how her life changed overnight thanks to Netflix and her plans for helping her daughter understand she’s a star like her mom.

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ONE37pm: What’s the most tangible change you’ve seen Netflix’s Rhythm + Flow have on your life?

Londynn B: I did see a change. I was already working towards that change. So, we went from 10,000 to 50,000 in six months and then from 50,000 to about a million in a matter of weeks. So, a lot transpired and transitioned. It definitely happened overnight, because it went from going to the supermarket to now everybody knows you’re in the supermarket (laughs).

In the show, you were very open to your daughter about having to leave her for months at a time in order to pursue your career. With this big of a change to your life, do you explain to her how life is changing because of your stardom?

Londynn B: I don’t really have conversations with her about me being a star. I have a lot of conversations with her about her being a star. She’s the next generation up, so I feel I’m doing what I’m doing to pave that opportunity for her. My daughter does something totally different. So, when she was on TV, I made sure she knew she was on TV versus telling her, “You're on TV with mommy.” She has her own identity, so I want to make sure she doesn’t feel like she has to live under mine. My daughter’s a dancer. She does ballet and now she’s getting into gymnastics. She knows her mom is a star, of course (laughs). But, the mental part is she knows she can do this without me.

I saw Cardi B posted a video on her Instagram of her listening to your song. Did y’all talk about doing that beforehand?

Londynn B: We didn’t talk about it. First, I saw an interview she did and she was like, “I think Londynn B is really cool and talented.” Then, the next day she’s playing “I Can’t Change.” Whatever it was, it was support from one woman to another and I appreciated it. This is not the first time she’s supported me. She shared my “So Brooklyn” freestyle on her story too. I don’t know what Cardi really trying to tell me, but she knows what we gotta do. We need to get on the “I Can’t Change” remix. I’m hoping she going to do that. Even if it ain’t that one, Cardi, I got some records.

Was there any advice Cardi B gave to you that we didn’t see on the show?

Londynn B: During the show, her advice was exactly what y’all have seen. So, that’s the majority of her advice. So, we were able to take that and run with it. For her to give me advice.

2020 is coming up. Is there a plan to work on an album?

Londynn B: The album is in 2020 and then we’re going on tour. I want to give them a vibe album. My EP Reset is out right now and it’s super cool because it gets into my flow, my rhymes and how I talk about things. My album is going to be the vibe of Londynn B. I want it to be on a vibration where when you listen all the way through, you’re just vibing. I want bigger features and names. I want to be able to use that reach and create more from it.

How different is your life now, at the end of the decade compared to where it was at the start of the decade?

Londynn B: We literally went from shopping at malls to having to actually design clothes. We were able to step into so many arenas, overnight, that we probably wouldn’t have been able to step in before. Life really changed overnight with having access to certain areas that we didn’t have access to before.

You performed with Teyana Taylor and been judged by Cardi B on a TV show that has been watched by millions. Has there been any label attention come your way? Any artists reach out?

Londynn B: Absolutely. What? They want B. You hear me? That ain’t the issue. 2020 has so much in store. I’m going to have y’all waiting on that.

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