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While 2022 brings a lot of fresh starts and new changes, one thing remains the same - a diverse and memorable curation of the Monday To Monday playlist. With the first curation of the playlist in 2022, Mike Boyd and Gary Vaynerchuk kick it off right with a VeeCon exclusive list of songs. Ranging from the natural flow of Lil Polo Tee (Polo Perks) to the upbeat energy brought by Lulú and unforgettable melodies from Fresco Trey, this will be a playlist you won't want to miss. 

If you are unfamiliar with VeeConfrence, or VeeCon for short, or VeeFriends, be sure to read this article below. It dives into GaryVee's NFT project VeeFriends, which allows token holders admission to his yearly conference. This is a must-read, especially if you are new to the NFT space.

What is VeeCon?

The playlist opens with Lulú's "911" with Adrian Be. The Mexico-based singer delivers powerful vibratos and energy on this track. If you are an old listener of her music, you know that this is a divergence from her old sound and a flagship statement for what's to come from the buzzing artist. In an interview with Mike Boyd, she explains that this sound is something that she has been cultivating and working on for a long time. 

We are followed by Millie Go Lightly's soothing and fun vocals on her song "Right Time." You can hear her singing about her confidence and how she has money on her mind on the track. Following Millie's piece comes Lil Polo Tee's "snowpatrol." The song samples Snow Patrol's infamous song "Chasing Cars." With fellow Surf Gang member and producer Gozer, adding his trademark elements of New York drill music to make it a unique and unforgettable song. 

Like the previous song, in "Horses," Evil Giane features Q Lazzarus' hit song "Goodbye Horses." Giane similarly adds his New York drill scene elements to bring life to the 1988 song withinin the hip-hop realm. This song comes from his latest album, i.c.f.m. Pt. 3, released in November. We previously covered the eighteen-track album when it initially dropped, which you can read below! 

Album Recap

If you're a playlist OG, then you're familiar with Fresco Trey, or you at least recognize his unforgettable voice. Mike Boyd features his personable song in "Fresh Off A Heartbreak" at the number five spot. In this track, Trey recounts his heartbreak and looks forward to what he offers to the world. This song is a perfect introduction to the rising artist if you're finding out about him now. 

For the next song, we go all the way across the pond to Spain, where Lian Faz resides. She offers an adaptable listening experience, singing in both Spanish and English. For example, in her song "Lo Nuestro," you can hear a catchy chorus and verses in Spanish, but she delivers an English verse. The diverse skill set it takes to provide catchy lyrics in two languages while remaining on the same subject is complex, making her style more impressive. 

Immasoul comes next with her emotional ballad in "Dejarte Ir." This song delivers R&B and soulful elements, making this a heartfelt piece. This style oscillates with her listeners, as it is her most popular release with almost half a million streams to date. In addition, she recently released her debut EP Natural. The seven-track project features a lot of different vibes and some notable Mexican artists! Be sure to give it a listen! 

Last but surely not least, we have Blu DeTiger with her hit "Figure It Out." In 2020, during the COVID quarantine period, Blu came to stardom with this single. She consistently covered some of the most popular artists and songs on her bass, gradually building her fanbase on the platform. But her journey didn't begin there, as she picked up her bass at a young age and continued to grow as a musician for over a decade, even attending New York University for music.

We previously released an article on ONE37pm where we dive a little deeper into these artists. So, if you're going to VeeCon or want to learn more about some emerging musicians in the space, be sure to check out the article below! 

Meet the VeeCon Performers

This week's curation spans several continents, genres, and skillsets. Be sure to tune in to hear from artists like Lian Faz, Fresco Trey, and Millie Go Lightly, as we are betting our money on all of these artists in having a big 2022!

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