Meet The VeeCon 2022 Performers

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Months following the announcement and minting of VeeFriends, VeeCon was announced, and instantly holders and followers of the project were eager to see the list of speakers and performers for the conference. Around two weeks ago, VeeFriends publicized their lineup for their event at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota, from May 19th to the 22nd. So, if you're a VeeFriends holder or looking to obtain one before the event in May, get to know the musical acts that will be performing! 

Ranging from the United States to Mexico and even England, there is a plethora of diversity and talent spanning different genres and languages. In short, with this diverse lineup, there will be at least one artist that you'll enjoy, if not more. So dive in below to learn more about who you'll be seeing in Minneapolis in May!


Immasoul is an Afro-Mexican singer and songwriter from Chetumal, Mexico. Growing up, she listened to R&B and Caribbean music, which heavily inspired her music and can be heard today. She wrote her first song at fourteen years old and has been working on her craft since. In our Get To Know series with Immasoul, she described her music as a unique sound coming from Mexico. 

​When you think of Mexico, I don't think R&B and Afrobeat will come to your mind, and that's where I come to play a different game than expected. I grew up listening to Lauren Hill, TLC, Erykah Badu, The Roots, Salsa, and Afro Caribbean music, so these rhythms and these soulful vibes feel natural to me.

- Immasoul

In November, she released her EP Natural, a seven-track project that displays her talent and versatility as an artist. Her most notable song from the project is "Pegao," featuring Yoss Bones and Noa Sainz. Their music video is closing in on forty thousand views, so be sure to tune in!

Lil Polo Tee

Also known as Polo Perks, this artist is one of the most proliferating players coming out of the New York City hip-hop scene. He is also coming off a massive 2021, which saw tremendous growth as an artist. Additionally, he is a member of the New York-based collective Surf Gang, featuring a lineup of exciting up-and-coming producers, singers, and rappers. We previously wrote an album recap for Polo's latest project I.C.F.M. Pt. 3, released back in November. Be sure to tune in below. 

Album Recap

What makes Polo such a distinct player in the hip-hop scene is his new wave of drill, unique sample and beat selections, and a new flow. These attributes even captured the attention of DraftKings, as he partnered with the sports betting operator to create his song "DraftKing." Tune in to the music video for his song "Duppy Drill" to better understand his vibe.


Lulú is a singer, songwriter, and artist from Monterrey, Mexico. Signed to Slowly Entertainment, she is looking to bring positive energy and leave a positive impact on her listeners. What makes her so unique is that her goal is to create music that makes people never feel alone when listening to it. In an interview with Mike Boyd Jr, she said she felt alone as a kid, but the music was always there for her. This same feeling inspired her to create and develop the music we hear today. 

Something you may not know about her is that she is into fashion. Before focusing on music full time, she went to fashion school. This can be seen in her music videos and social media, especially TikTok. Throughout the past two years, we saw a significant emergence of her TikTok, gaining over one hundred thousand followers. This is due to her fun identity and personable nature, blending music, fashion, and makeup into one. This creates a lasting impression on her fans, as they already know what to expect in her music. Tune in below to get a taste of what she offers!

Lian Faz

Lian is an emerging singer and songwriter hailing from Spain. She offers an adaptable listening experience, both singing in Spanish and English. Her songs "Lo Nuestro," "Touchdown," and "Dream Gang" offer both contemporary and fun pop anthems that have helped her grow her fanbase, especially in Spain. 

Lian released her debut EP 23 in 2020, a project that looked to enter her into the music scene and help establish an initial fanbase of listeners across Spain - which it did. In 2022, she is looking forward to expanding her fanbase to an international audience, and what better way to do that than by performing at VeeCon! Be sure to check out her song "Lo Nuestro" below to hear her talent! 

Fresco Trey

Trey is a singer, songwriter, rapper, and artist who we frequently cover on ONE37pm. Much like Polo, he had a huge year in 2021. Following the release of "Feel Good," he caught the attention of Lil Tjay, who would eventually hop on the remix, which helped Trey achieve nearly three million streams on the remix.

Trey released his EP Heartbreak Diaries in the fall, which featured both "Feel Good" and a single that dropped a few weeks prior in "Fresh Off a Heartbreak." The seven-track project dives into the emotions he endured following a heartbreak. The trials and tribulations of his love life shine through with his melodies and storytelling, making this project notable. Additionally, Trey crafts clever lyrics on beats he hasn't dealt with before, making this project is a must-listen.

More recently, he also released a collaboration with DraftKings with his song "Draft Kings," receiving over two million views on YouTube for his confident demeanor and his belief that he will be a star in the music industry. Finally, two weeks ago, he released his latest single, "Couple Hunnid." This was following a teaser of the song going viral on TikTok, which he talks about with Mike Boyd on the Monday To Monday podcast. Be sure to check out the song below.

Millie Go Lightly

Hailing from London, England, and now living in Atlanta, Georgia, the British Barbie had an essential year in her development as an artist. In 2021, she released many singles that show what she brings to the table. Working with artists such as Lil Gnar, Unfoonk, Lil Keed, and Rylo Rodriguez this year, she provided her soothing vocals over their raw, authentic rhymes. She then established her sound with her solo singles in "Right Time" and "2 Girls, 1 Saloon." 

Millie's last two singles show her talent, offering her "traditional" singing performance and her rapping abilities. Then, she closed off 2021, playing her first shows in the United States, performing with ONE37pm, GaryVee, and Coinbase at Art Basel in Miami, Florida. Additionally, she has also performed in Atlanta and North Carolina and soon will be taking over the stage at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. This will be a performance you won't want to miss, so tune in to her music below! 

Blu DeTiger

Blu is a twenty-three-year-old singer, bassist, and DJ based in New York, NY. She started on TikTok during the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown by posting TikToks of her playing the bass and covering music from several artists, including Russ, Janet Jackson, and Megan Thee Stallion.

Her success on TikTok has elevated her to acquire over one million followers and to close in on twenty million likes. Additionally, she has nearly five hundred thousand followers on Instagram, posting her day-to-day and career highlights. On Spotify, Blu has almost one million monthly listeners, thanks to the success of her original music on the TikTok platform. 

Blu's hit song "Figure It Out" has amassed over thirty million streams on Spotify due to its catchy lyrics and the virality of the first verse. The song was released in April 2020 and currently has over three hundred thousand videos created to the music on TikTok alone. Additionally, people are still using the piece for TikToks today. So be sure to tune in below if you haven't heard the song yet!

If you're going to VeeCon this May in Minneapolis, you're in for a treat! These artists will provide a versatile look into different cultures, languages, and genres that will shape the music industry for years to come. There are more names rumored to come, so be sure to keep up with VeeCon on Twitter. See you there!

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