Australia's Nardean Releases "WESTSIDE"

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Hailing from Sydney, Australia, is an emerging artist named Nardean Gharsa, known by her fans as Nardean. She is a singer, rapper, and poet, who's family ties originate back to Egypt, noting that she grew up surrounded by clashing cultures. This aspect of smashing cultures and experiences makes her music a unique listening experience, which is probably one of the reasons why she is consistently growing. 

One aspect that she puts on a pedestal is her delivery, with her noting that as a poet, rapper, and singer, she fuses all of these elements to create a unique sound. Additionally, she puts her lyrics at the forefront of her music. This amalgamation of these talents and traits has led her to create a signature warm and commanding sound.

Recently, Nardean released her latest single, "WESTSIDE." The song's backbeat features a slow and desirable guitar riff, accompanied by a soft drum kit in the background. The song's slow and healing components make this song a fresh and rejuvenating release for the emerging artist. Be sure to give the song a listen and watch the music video below! 

What made this release all the more impressive was the tight timeframe in which the song was created. Noting in the video's description, she says that this song was written, recorded, filmed, and edited within one month. Additionally, this song was selected as a winner entry hosted by the Parramatta Lanes Festival by the city of Parramatta. She also says that this song is about her love for West Sydney, Australia. More specifically, the town gives off the culture, people, and vibrancy. 

This song comes as a follow-up to her last release, "The Come Down," featuring Fedi. Nardean delivers a soulful R&B track full of positive energy and vibes on the single. It also features a gentle and strident melody with a soothing chorus. Fedi also delivers a vulnerable and empowering verse to back up the main message that she's offering on the track. Be sure to listen below! 

Her most listened-to song, "Pyramids," has over one-hundred thousand streams on Spotify. The piece comes off her debut album Creatress, released in 2018. The ten-track project dives into her culture, perception, and life thus far. Her most recent single feels like a full-circle moment since the release of this album. If you listen to the project and then listen to her newer works, you can hear the improvement and growth she's worked for over the years.

She even appeared on fellow Australian artist Horrowshow's album New Normal (Deluxe Edition) with the song "Monkey Bars (G Mix)." The song features a plethora of upcoming Australian artists, including Erica Em, Jimmy Nice, and Nerve, to name a few. This song is a collaborative effort to put Australian artists on the map with its catchy hook and versatile hooks from loads of different artists. Tune in!

In conclusion, if you're looking for a versatile artist with loads of versatility within her music capabilities, Nardean is an artist you're going to want to be on the lookout for. She's consistently improving with every release and growing her fanbase. In 2022, I'm sure we can expect her to release more mesmerizing singles and hopefully an EP or an album! So be sure to give this artist a listen.

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