Nellyville Turns 20

One of the most iconic releases in rap history

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I am. So hot in herre. So hot in. Ah! It’s hard to believe, but it has been a whole twenty years since Nellyville was released, and today we are taking a time machine back to the album that officially solidified Nelly’s spot in rap history.

To understand how Nellyville came about, we have to first visit the era that established Nelly as one to watch—Country Grammar, which was released June 27th, 1999. The album spawned several hit singles including “E.I.” and “Ride Wit Me,” and has since gone on to be certified diamond, making it one of the few rap albums to do so. The success of Country Grammar positioned Nelly to have an even bigger sophomore era, which leads us back to Nellyville.

Released June 25th, 2002, the album debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 where it remained for four weeks, and spawned several hit singles which we are going to take a look at one by one starting with the first single “Hot In Herre.”

Hot In Herre


Air Force Ones

Work It

Pimp Juice

So what’s Nellyville’s legacy twenty years later? Well, “Hot In Herre” is still used in commercials, movies, etc. “Dilemma” is/was the soundtrack to our childhoods/teens/early adult years, and brought back plenty of memories a couple of years ago when he performed it during his VERZUZ battle with Ludacris, and AF1’s will forever be associated with “Air Force Ones.”

In short, Nellyville was a piece of art.

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