The 25 Hardest Rick Ross Songs Ever

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Let's talk about the top 25 Rick Ross songs of all time, from the iconic "Hustlin'" and "B.M.F." to collaborations with Drake, Kanye West, Jay-Z, and more. We'll be ranking Ross's greatest hits based on sales, critical acclaim, and lasting impact, showcasing his signature style of hard-hitting beats, vivid lyrics, and larger-than-life persona. Whether you're a die-hard fan or new to the Miami rapper's music, this list offers a definitive guide to Ross's most memorable and influential tracks. Now let out your best Rick Ross grunt (HUH) and let's get to it.

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25. "Santorini Greece"

If our list starts with "Santorini Greece" at the number 25 spot, picture just how legendary the rest will be. It's beyond impressive to consider just how impactful Rick Ross' expansive catalog of music is to date. This hit is exactly why we've come to love Rick Ross so much.

24. "Cigar Music" (featuring Masspike Miles)

At the number 24 spot on our list of the best Rick Ross songs, we've got "Cigar Music" (featuring Masspike Miles). This song is yet another notch on the ever-growing belt of Rick Ross.

23. "Lamborghini Doors" (featuring Meek Mill and Anthony Hamilton)

Next up is "Lamborghini Doors," which featured the likes of Meek Mill and Anthony Hamilton. This song proved to be a massive success, and is still in rotation nowadays for any savvy hip-hop listener.

22. "Idols Become Rivals" (featuring Chris Rock)

When you see Chris Rock on a Rick Ross song, it's safe to say the Miami rapper isn't playing around at all. Such was the case for the duo's legendary collaboration, "Idols Become Rivals."

21. "What's Free" (Meek Mill featuring Jay-Z and Rick Ross)

Rick Ross joined forces with Jay-Z and Meek Mill for "What's Free" years ago, and it still knocks to this day. This is yet another incredible track that Rick Ross blessed up his expansive fanbase with.

20. "Free Mason" (featuring Jay-Z)

At the number 20 spot on our list, we've got yet another iconic Rick Ross and Jay-Z collaboration, "Free Mason." This song is a perfect example of exactly what fans have come to expect when these two moguls get behind a mic together.

19. "Valley of Death"

At the number 19 spot on our list is "Valley of Death," which showcases some of the best bars that Rick Ross has to offer. Considering it's this high up on the list, it says a lot about the rest of his music and its listenability.

18. "Tears of Joy" (featuring CeeLo Green)

CeeLo Green once linked up with Rick Ross for a classic song titled "Tears of Joy." This song would prove to be a standout for both artist, and still boasts a unique listenability to this day.

17. "Usual Suspects" (featuring Nas)

At the number 17 spot on our list of the best Rick Ross songs is a unique collaboration between Rick Ross and Nas, called "Usual Suspects."

16. "Diced Pineapples" (featuring Wale & Drake)

"Diced Pineapples" from Rick Ross, Wale, and Drake went viral back in the day for many reasons, but first and foremost, it was an incredible collaboration that equalled an unparalleled sound.

15. "Trap Trap Trap" (featuring Young Thug and Wale)

Ten songs down, and fifteen left to go on our list. At the number 15 spot, we've got "Trap Trap Trap," which features the likes of Young Thug and Wale. Wale is a sleeper feature for Rick Ross, and you already know that Thug came with bars for this one.

14. "Rich Forever" (featuring John Legend)

Rich Forever is yet another classic Rick Ross anthem, and for good reason. It dons some of the best qualities that fans have come to love about Rick Ross' music, and John Legend only adds to it.

13. "Nobody" (featuring French Montana and Puff Daddy)

French Montana is one of the greatest artists you can have on a hook, and especially so back when Rick Ross dropped "Nobody" with him and Puff Daddy. This song shows off the very best from both artists, and as a result, has landed at the 13th spot on our list.

12. "Live Fast, Die Young" (featuring Kanye West)

"Live Fast, Die Young" is a noteworthy collaboration between Rick Ross and Kanye West, and has rightfully scored a spot on our list of the best Rick Ross songs.

11. "The Devil Is A Lie" (featuring Jay-Z)

From the beat to the iconic bars atop it, "The Devil Is A Lie" is arguably the best Rick Ross and Jay-Z collaboration to date, and that's really saying a lot.

10. "Magnificent" (featuring John Legend)

In yet another legendary collaboration between Rick Ross and John Legend (see what we did there?), "Magnificent" is arguably their best. Listen for yourself and try to tell us any different.

9. "Push It"

"Push It" is a solo Rick Ross song that serves as a reminder of his uncanny abilities. The song is a quintessential Rick Ross heater that deserves to be on any kind of Rick Ross playlist.

8. "Maybach Music 2" (featuring T-Pain, Lil Wayne, and Kanye West)

Though Rick Ross and Kanye West don't have many collaborations, "Maybach Music 2" alongside T-Pain and Lil Wayne is safe to say is their best work together. Who could forget the first time they heard this banger?

7. "The Boss" (featuring T-Pain)

Like we've discussed earlier in this article, when you see Rick Ross and T-Pain on a song together, it's safe to assume the resulting music is some heat. Such is the case with their collaborative work, "The Boss."

6. "B.M.F. (Blowin' Money Fast)" (featuring Styles P)

Now that we've come into the top 6 songs, it could be argued that any one of these deserves the number one spot. That goes for our number 6, "B.M.F." and anything after it. It's only the best of the best from here on out.

5. "I'm On One" (DJ Khaled featuring Drake, Rick Ross and Lil Wayne)

This song is so legendary that we had to include it on our list, even though Rick Ross isn't the primary artist. When DJ Khaled is the primary artist, it's almost like the authority goes to whoever's verse is the most iconic, and Rick Ross ruthlessly competed for that title on this particular song.

4. "Aston Martin Music" (featuring Drake and Chrisette Michele)

"Aston Martin Music" is yet another quintessential Rick Ross banger, and has rightfully earned the number four spot on our list of the very best Rick Ross songs.

3. "Rich Is Gangsta"

On Rick Ross' 2014 album, Mastermind, he gave fans plenty to listen to for years to come. One of the most notable songs from this project was "Rich Is Gangsta," which still bangs to this day.

2. "Hustlin'"

Every day I'm hustlin', every day I'm hustlin', every day I'm... well, you get the point. Who could ever forger about this absolute classic from Rick Ross. The memes were countless when this heater dropped, and it was celebrated as one of the best tracks of the era that it was dropped in.

1. "Stay Schemin'" (featuring Drake and French Montana)

At the coveted number one spot on our list of the best Rick Ross songs, we've got "Stay Schemin'," which features Rick Ross alongside Drake and French Montana. What an absolute classic. It just might be physically impossible to resist the urge of putting this on replay after listening to it once. That's all for our list of the best Rick Ross songs - stay tuned for even more from ONE37pm's music team.

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