It's "Bo Time" with TiaCorine's Latest Bojangles Anthem

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TiaCorine, a rising star based out of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, is making waves in the music industry. Since the release of "Lotto" in 2018 and "Luigi" in 2019 with Kenny Beats, Tia began to gain a lot of attention with her music blowing up on TikTok and Spotify. This is attributed to Tia's eccentric style and being an architect for the emerging anime trap genre. We previously wrote a profile on Tia, so be sure to catch up to date below! 

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In September 2021, Tia released her anthem for Bojangles entitled "Bo Time." The inspiration behind "Bo Time" is that Tia used to work at Bojangles and would often play her music over the intercom system while closing the store. As her artist career continues to gain steam, Tia created a song for her favorite fast-food chain. Tune in below to the music video directed by Reel Goats.  

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TiaCorine and Aaron "The Don" Dukes sat down to talk about the music video, what it was like being on set, and her time working at Bojangles, be sure to give it a watch below. 

Aaron and Tia kick off the conversation by talking about what's going on in Tia's world right now. Quickly, Tia discusses what makes working with Bojangles so special. First, Aaron mentioned that Bojangles is the capital of the Carolinas. Tia then explains how she used to work there as a shift manager, which is a full-circle moment. Tia notes that she would work late nights closing the store, then go to the studio around 11 or 12 PM, and go back to work at 5 AM. Tia explains that she would even put a rubber band on her phone to the intercom and play her music while working. 

Aaron and Tia then start talking about Tia's acting in the video. First, Aaron compliments her acting skills in the music video, preaching that it was on-point. Tia then goes on to say that she wants to be an actor in the future. Therefore, she used the music video as an opportunity to practice her acting skills. Aaron then says that, as a viewer, it felt very natural, especially in the first scene. From there, they both proclaimed that their fries are the best. 

A few months ago, Mike Boyd and Aaron interviewed TiaCorine on the Monday To Monday podcast. They talked about her project, The Saga of 34Corine, her single "Luigi," and video games. She even shared a funny studio story she encountered with Guapdad 4000. If you haven't tuned in already, be sure to do so below! 

Aaron and Tia then react to the BoTime music video. Tia then mentions that some of her friends are in the video. Tia stated that she loved it, and it's funny to see her acting in something like this. Tia goes on to say that they were shooting from 6 PM to 4 AM. Aaron says that he plans to come to Tia's studio, with Bojangles, and play video games, noting that he would smoke her in Super Smash Bros. 

In conclusion, the video is entertaining with funny moments that show off Tia's personality. In addition, the song's catchy lyrics make any viewer crave Bojangles. If you haven't watched the video already, be sure to check it out!

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