Tierra Whack Releases Two Versatile EPs

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Philadelphia's Tierra Whack is back at it, releasing two mini-EPs this month with Rap? and Pop?. Tierra's last project, excluding single releases spanning over the years, was Whack World back in 2018. The 2018 album was, arguably, the career-defining moment for Tierra. Over three years later, Tierra came to drop a three-song EP entitled Rap?, on December 2nd and Pop?, another three-song mini-EP on December 9th. So, of course, this begs the question, what does she have planned for 2022? 

In her first EP, Rap?, we are introduced to exactly what the title introduces the project as, a traditional rap project that challenges the norms of modern hip-hop. The project opens with "Stand Up," a song that boasts her conviction in herself as an artist and person. In it, she raps, "Oh, will the real **** please stand up. And all the fakes sit down? Let me fix my crown." In it, she is acknowledging herself and her peers as real people within her circle and industry. 

Additionally, the lyric, "Rather have the skill than the sex appeal," particularly resonates with listeners on her music video for the song. Receiving over a hundred comments on that lyric alone, Tierra is noting her skill is one-of-a-kind and more valuable in the long run of her career and life. 

The music video has over four hundred thousand views and is quickly gaining popularity. Tierra is expressed as royalty in it, which further asserts her confidence through visual means. Sitting from her throne, she watches individuals, one-by-one, come through and try to impress her, though it ultimately fails. All in all, with the visuals and lyrical structure of this song, it stands out as a perfect opener for Tierra's first EP. Tune in to the music video below. 

Following this song is "Meagan Good," which appears to homage to the Los Angeles-based artist. In the hook, she expresses how better off she is doing, claiming the lyrics, "I'm doin' Meagan Good." This song dives into the story of cheating, a toxic relationship, and how she is onto better things. Again, Tierra does a terrific job hooking in the listeners from the get-go on this track.

In her song "Millions," the central theme is the success that she has garnered and worked for so far. She even expresses her discontent with where she is, noting that she wants to see more success. This is shown in her lyrics, "Y'all want millions? We want billions. Y'all want millions? We want trillions." With the consistently seen in her career so far, we are optimistic that she will see more success to come, which she is looking to create. If you haven't heard the first EP, give it a listen! 

In Tierra's second EP, Pop?, you can hear her experimenting and exploring the realms of contemporary pop. This can be heard throughout, exploring new ranges of singing, rapping, and a culmination of the like. Additionally, these songs deliver a broad spectrum of energy and atmosphere. This can be heard through changing tempos, cadences, and rhythms. 

The EP's first piece, "Body Of Water," is unique in its own right. The song's production is both rapid and chaotic at the same time, in a positive light. Tierra delivers fast bars that feature her singing capabilities on the chorus. The music video is equally stimulating, receiving over three hundred thousand views on YouTube. It features a lot of random moments and is a can't miss! 

On "Lazy," Tierra sings over a rock-and-roll-inspired beat, something that isn't common for the versatile artist. The song goes into detail about the laziness of a love interest, with many funny and relatable lyrics - whether we want to admit it or not. This song is special because there is no percussion on this track. Meaning, Tierra captures the listener's attention solely with her voice over the guitar melody that is on repeat. While this may seem like a repetitive song, she does a terrific job on this song. 

"Dolly" stands out on Tierra's tracklist as an emotional ballad that goes into the harsh truth and tribulations revolving around her career while managing her partner. This touching song is noteworthy for its authenticity, for you can hear the truth and reasoning behind Tierra's voice. In addition, this song does a great job of showing her versatility and vulnerability that helps connect with audiences across the globe. 

Both of these projects display her confidence, and as Apple Music says, her charisma on these projects. Furthermore, these two mini EPs feel that Tierra is planning a more extensive move for her career in 2022. These releases show off her skill and versatility and her ability to grab attention across new genres and mediums of the music spectrum. So, if you're not familiar with Tierra, you should follow her on social media as we expect a big year from her in 2022.

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