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It is no secret that TikTok is now the wild west for music discovery and determining which songs go viral on the top music charts. Some of the most prominent musicians globally, such as Doja Cat, Lil Nas X, or Megan Thee Stallion, are all now household names thanks to TikTok. Attributed to their success are catchy lyrics, viral dances, and a little bit of luck. 

Now, more and more independent artists are looking to leverage TikTok's organic reach by posting daily, employing trends, and creating their brand native on the app. Additionally, some artists caught the attention of Mike Boyd Jr, Gary Vaynerchuk's (GaryVee) Head of Artist Relations and Music Strategy. Boyd, a frequent user of TikTok, uses the platform to discover new music and keep up-to-date with trends. 

Recently, he asked on TikTok for artists to comment on their songs, where he received hundreds of comments of artists looking to share their talents on the Monday To Monday playlist. Boyd took those comments and ciphered through some of the best choices for this week's Monday To Monday playlist curation. If you submitted your song, and it wasn't selected, don't feel discouraged - as he only had a chance to go through a handful. Keep posting and keep interacting with Boyd! 

The first group featured is SPACE CADE7S, a seven-member hip-hop collective that provides an easy-listening and optimistic outlook through their music. Based in Brooklyn, New York, their sound revolves around their unique harmonies and organic instrumentation. They even have a 501(c)3 non-profit organization called "The Good Lives Foundation." Their goal is to inspire and empower youth through music and art through mentorship in New York City. This unique approach is both admirable and makes you appreciate their music even more. Their song "What's Missing?" has nearly sixty-thousand listens on Spotify. 

The next artist discovered by Boyd on TikTok was Ro Joaquim with "Can We," emotion-filled hip-hop and R&B track. Over a reverberated guitar melody, Ro sings sentimental lyrics with an impressive vibrato and range. Ro has over five thousand monthly listeners, with his top song, "No Roses," having over two-hundred-and-fifty thousand streams and "Touchdown" coming in with over one-hundred thousand listens. "Can We," his latest single, has already reached over ten-thousand plays, and we know it's not going to stop there, so tune in! 

The next artist is Apollo1027, who has over one thousand followers on TikTok and twenty-seven thousand monthly listeners. Apollo's song "Designer Snakes" is closing in on three million streams on Spotify alone, which is featured on the playlist. Apollo's flow and delivery are as smooth as the beat he's rapping over. Other pieces of his have hundreds of thousands of streams, with his most recent single having over eleven thousand streams since September. 

One artist who's seen tremendous success on TikTok is Remi Wolf. She stands out for her talented voice and one-of-a-kind personality, which she boasts on TikTok. This has helped her gain over one-hundred thousand followers on TikTok. Additionally, she has over three million monthly listeners on TikTok. Remi's most successful song to date is "Photo ID," with over forty-five million streams. Closely behind is "Cheesin'," "Disco Man," "Liz," and "OK," each with tens of millions of listens. 

Featured on the playlist is Remi's song "Sexy Villain," off her new album Juno, released in October. Since the album's release, this song has received over three million streams, just on Spotify. This song stands out for its fun production, clear vocals, and Remi's personality shining through on this track. Remi has seen crazy success so far, and there seems to be no slowing her down. 

Other artists featured on the playlist this week from TikTok include DerekJames' new single "PRAY 4 U," a new artist with this being his second release. Also, Surface Grey's "Infinite Needs" features Ticas. The song is a slow R&B ballad with a unique panning that spans a full 360 degrees. Finally is Lolita's "Toda Mi Gente," a track that has over seventy-five thousand streams. The song is a bilingual track filled with several harmony layers and elements of pop and electronic music. 

This week's curation of Monday To Monday features ten new and buzzing artists discovered thanks to TikTok. Be sure to follow Mike Boyd Jr on TikTok and submit your favorite songs to him in his comment section to hear them on the playlist! Also, be sure to give the playlist a listen and keep up to date with it weekly!

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